The Best Chic Neutral Outfits That Women Can Wear With A Small Handbag

Sometimes your outfits need a fresh breath of air, meaning that it is time to try something different. Instead of the bold colours that have set the fashion landscape for the past couple of decades, why not go neutral with your outfits? There are a multitude of outfits that can be created with neutral colours such as beige, black, and white without the need to add any other colours.

In this article we will discuss how you can use pieces that are these colours to create a great outfit that is not in your face but still chic and stylish. Let’s take a look.


There is a lot to be said about neutral pants, but today we will just be talking primarily about black jeans. Wearing these jeans as part of a neutral outfit is the best choice especially in regard to a stylish casual outfit. There are also some nice options to choose from for a top from a white blouse to a simple white t-shirt.

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To complete your outfit, wear another popular neutral colour such as a beige overcoat to keep you warm on those chilly days. Footwear should be stylish with either black ankle boots or black mules.


A beige or black mini skirt can be paired with your favourite colour neutral shirt effortlessly. For the cooler months, wear a beige cashmere sweater and high boots to keep your legs warm. Accessories should be kept to a minimum to keep your outfit minimalistic.

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If you decide to wear a black mini skirt, the wearing a button down shirt is preferable. Wear a tucked in plain white button down shirt. Footwear can be a solid white running shoes or an all black running shoes. A small black handbag should also be carried.


White is one of the most popular colours for the warmer months, and for good reason. With regard to neutral outfits, wearing white pants or a skirt paired with a cream colour shirt is one of the favourited chic outfits to wear. Footwear should keep with the season which means that wearing sandals is the way to go.

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