The Best Colours That Men Can Wear In The Hot Summer Weather And Look Good

As the weather goes from mild to more sticky hot weather, there comes a chance for men to ditch certain pieces and embrace others. This is not a simple task as spring pieces can intertwine with summer weather to then become summer pieces, especially if the weather does not get really hot. For every spring piece that is stored in the closet when the summer comes along, there are going to be a few that will inevitably stick around. But what are these pieces and the more important question that needs answered is that if these pieces are the correct colour for the summer season?

In this article we will answer this question and discuss some outfits that can be created with summer colours. Also, we will share some tips that men can remember so that they make the right choice with regard to summer clothing. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Most men know that certain colours and pieces are not meant to be worn on a hot summer day, which is good. Ok so pieces such as long sleeve sweaters and wool coats are not going to be seen in the summer season, but what about the colours? Let’s see more about this which colours are suitable and some pieces that can be said colour.



Wearing white in the summer is a no brainer and should actually be embraced more often than you think. Some good pieces that men can wear that are white include an Oxford shirt, running shoes, and a plain white t-shirt. Also, a consideration can be made to wear white jeans, which by the way should only be worn to parties or on special occasions.

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Sky Blue

Sometimes you need to wear something more business casual for the day but don’t want to wear the typical white dress shirt and chinos. This is when you can wear something more stylish such as a tucked in sky blue dress shirt paired with beige chinos. This outfit can be completed with the addition of brown leather loafers.

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Light Grey

When we talk about wearing light grey in your summer outfits we are mainly talking about two pieces, which are either a blazer or suit pants. This will be a nice change from wearing the typical black suit pants and black blazer to work.

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Denim Blue

Of course we had to mention denim blue, mainly because there is no way to avoid this colour. From denim shorts to a pair of slim denim jeans, your casual summer outfits most likely will feature some sort of denim. One note to make when it comes to denim jeans, is that it is best to stick with either skinny or slim fit for a more modern look.

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