The Best Colours That Women Can Wear In The Winter To Look Youthful And Stylish

When it comes to winter fashion, typically the types of colours that you tend to see in people’s outfits are usually dark, meaning colours such as black, dark brown, and grey. There is nothing wrong about wearing these colours in the winter, but it can be a problem if you want to look younger. You see, as we get older, wearing only dark colours in an outfit will only exasperate our age and lead to a final outfit that may look good, but is not really doing any favours to show case your youthful side.

That is why this article is so important to read, especially if you love fashion and appreciate new tips. In this article we will discuss the best colours that women can wear in the winter season that will make their outfit pop and look more youthful. Also, we will share to best outfit combinations to wear and some tips that can be followed to create the best possible outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

V-Neck Sweater H&M


The usually route to take in the winter season when it comes to sweater selection is to just wear anything that feature these two criterial. Meaning that it should be warm and almost exclusively a dark colour. But really, is this the right choice to make. Probably not, because when it comes to the rest of your outfit, it can be assumed to more dark colours will be worn also.

Knit Sweater H&M

That is why your biggest concern, especially when it comes to wearing different colours, should always be your sweater. This is mainly because you can easily get away with wearing unseasonal colours such as turquoise and orange and still have a stylish outfit. The same cannot be said with pants.


The normal route to take it the winter season when it comes to pants is just to stick with anything black. This should not be the case and more creativity need to be implemented if you want your outfit to make you look younger. Be more open to different pieces and colours. So instead of wearing a black pair of slacks, the better choice to make would be to instead wear light beige slacks. 

Slacks H&M

Another great choice to make would be switching out your skinny denim jeans for a wide leg light wash denim jeans instead. This will showcase some of your youthful personality and also your creative side.


All of the footwear, or should we say the majority of footwear that you will see in the winter months will be exclusively black and most likely boots. This can work with a variety of outfits, but if you want to showcase a youthful look, choose another colour. You can easily wear cream colour ankle boots in the winter and still look great. The trick is to not deviate too much from the colours that you are wearing and stick with non bright colours.

Chelsea Boots H&M


Now when it comes to winter outerwear, the typical black warm coat is fine to wear but can be a bit played out, especially when you see other women in the exact same one. We recommend to kick it up a notch, and opt to wear outerwear that is a unique colour such as in greens, greys, or various shades of brown. This will work much better in achieving a youthful look and also you will stand out from the crowd.

Padded Jacket H&M

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