The Best Of 1970s Spring Fashion For Men & Women Who Want To Look Stylish

This decade can be characterized as “Never a dull moment.” From major political events to world wide growing economies, the 1970s was anything but boring. But forget about the history lesson, let’s talk about fashion. Coming out of the hippie decade of the 1960s, fashion trends were becoming to emphasize individuality over looking “proper.”

This decade certainly left many men and women with less in their bank account than before. Sherling jackets, high leather boots, athleisure, all of these were popularized in the 1970s. In this article we will talk about this and more to help you better understand the interesting fashion of the 1970s. Let’s take a look at some popular styles that are still extremely popular even today.



Graphic t-shirts were all the rage inn the 1970s, and rightfully so. Coming out of the 1960s, many women felt empowered to show more of their personality through their clothes. The graphic t-shirt was the best way to express themselves. Many of the graphics were custom made since the department stores took a while to begin selling them.

Graphic T-Shirt H&M

Chic Wear

The tunic shirt was a staple in every women’s wardrobe back then. Which was great for a really casual outfit instead of having to wear a t-shirt or something similar close fitting. These shirts were popular with women who didn’t want their stomach or hips to be shown and were available in a variety of different colours. White was the most popular colour by fas when it comes to tunic shirts.

Tunic Shirt H&M


Athleisure was widely adopted by women with man y wearing sport clothes outside of regular sport activities. Most of the sightings of women in athleisure would be in the evening while at the park walking their dog or lounging around.


Loafers & Pants

Slim fit pants were something new coming out of the bell bottom era. Many men liked the new fit which was spruced up by patterns such as checkered or pinstripe. For footwear, often men would wear these pants paired with black leather loafers.

Leather Loafers H&M


Wearing running shoes outside of sport became common place by the mid 1970s. Which popular brands such as Adidas and Converse dominated the sports footwear market. It was just a matter of time before young adult men would catch on to wearing the iconic footwear that their favourite athlete wore. This trend has come from fully into the spotlight with many men, no matter what age, embracing running shoes in their casual outfits.

Nike Air Force 1


A forgotten piece, the Cuban collared shirt was a summer staple for men in the 1970s. This shirt featured a slightly larger collar than a regular button down. This shirt could be worn tucked in or loose depending on the users preference.

Striped Shirt H&M

These fashion pieces defined the 1970s style, emphasizing individuality was at its core. Today we can still see the impact of some of these styles in current fashion trends. Please leave a comment and let us know what your best fashion item of the 1970s is.


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