The Best Outfits That Men Can Wear On A Rainy Spring Day For A Stylish Outfit

Ok, so we all know how unpredictable he weather in spring can be, from completely sunny to all of a sudden, thunderstorms and heavy rain. This is quite a particular challenge when deciding what to wear in this type of environment, and caution needs to be taken with your pieces. Of course you can easily just throw on a rain coat over your shirt and call it a day, but that is not that stylish at all. Instead, we want to discuss the best pieces that will look great and keep you comfortable on a rainy spring day.

In this article we will also share some tips to remember that will make your outfit selection that much easier. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Denim Jeans

Most men tend to shy away from wearing denim jeans on a rainy spring day, and for good reason too. If you have ever had denim jeans get soaked in heavy rainfall, you would understand. No one want to walk around with denim jeans that are soaked and take hours to completely dry. But if you must wear denim jeans, follow this number one rule. Which is to wear a dark wash denim jeans instead of a light wash, so incase you get caught in heavy rain, it will not be that visible that your pants are soaking wet.

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Trench Coat

While not really a rain coat, nonetheless, wearing a trench coat can be sufficient in keeping light rainfall off of your clothing. You can wear a trench coat in a variety of outfits from casual to formal and look stylish. One great casual outfit that you can wear which incorporates a trench coat in it, will be to pair denim jeans with an Oxford shirt and leather boots.

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If you have one or can get one, bring it. What exactly we are talking about is an umbrella. There is no point in not carrying an umbrella with you if the forecast calls for showers and actually having an umbrella near by in the spring will save you from unexpected rainfall. Keep your umbrella one solid dark colour such as black, grey, or navy blue.

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First of all, do not even think about wearing any type of open footwear when it is raining, especially if you will be heading inside shopping or to a restaurant. Instead, opt for closed shoes that are stylish and can easily be cleaned from mud if ned be. Leather boots, rain boots, and leather running shoes are all good choices of footwear for a rainy spring day.

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It recommended to layer your clothing particularly on a rainy spring day. Some good layering tactics include layering a cardigan over a plain t-shirt and layering a trench coat over a denim jacket. Do not layer thick pieces as this will cause discomfort and lead to overheating.

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