The Best Outfits To Wear Mules With In The Fall Season

Before even seeing these shoes your ears have definitely heard the clanking on the ground. Yes, we are talking about the open back footwear called mules. Depending on who you ask, you hear that this type of footwear should be left in the past or about the many ways how you can create a great outfit with these shoes.

In this article we will be talking about the latter, specifically about mules and how you can tie this footwear into your fall outfits. Let’s take a look.


This is where wearing flat mules is a great idea. Choose a dark colour such as black or dark brown for your mules as these colours go great with any type of denim jeans. A great fall outfit can be to either pair your jeans with a cashmere sweater and a light jacket or just a thicker wool sweater without a jacket. Accessories should be medium size, since this is a casual outfit.

Cropped Vintage Jeans Net-A-Porter
Suede Mules Net-A-Porter


Not only can you wear mules with leggings but this is a creative take on a popular fall style. You know what we are talking leggings, with a white button-down shirt layered under a black cotton sweater. Also we cannot forget about the stylish trench coat that is the finishing touch to this outfit. Wear black leather heeled mules as your footwear.

Stretch Scuba Leggings Net-A-Porter
Suede Mules Net-A-Porter


The mid rise mules are perfect to wear with a skirt in the fall. We are talking about a mid length skirt, preferably in a light colour such as beige or light grey. This is the perfect base to an outfit that will be appreciated  and seen as creative, especially in the fall season. Wear either a black or navy blue tucked in blouse with an unbuttoned black cardigan layered on top. This is a perfect office outfit.

Beige Skirt Net-A-Porter
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