The Best Plus Size Outfits That Women Can Wear On A Spring Holiday

When it comes to going on a holiday in the spring season, the choices of what plus size women can wear will vary and there is little information as what to wear anyway. This is why we have written this article, mainly for the plus size women who have a difficult time finding information about stylish outfits that can be worn on a spring vacation. Not all vacation spots will be the same in the spring, as the northern hemisphere tends to have lots of rain in this period and the southern hemisphere can vary from hot to monsoon rains daily. 

In this article we will discuss some of the best types of outfits that plus size women can wear on a spring vacation. Also, we will share some tips that women can remember when deciding if certain pieces go together well. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Denim Jeans

The best type of denim jeans that plus size women can wear on a spring vacation should be stylish and comfortable. That is why we recommend to wear styles such as mom jeans and a slim fit jeans. Indigo will work well for your slim fitting denim jeans and should be worn to a restaurant lunch or out shopping. The best type of shoes to wear with denim jeans in the spring will be a pair of all white or black running shoes.

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There will never be that one shirt that is the best to wear on a spring vacation and either way, variety should be embraced. That is why you should always pack some shirts that are exclusively for evening wear, daytime wear, and others that are just for sight seeing and are comfortable to wear. Consider taking with you two types of blouses on your spring vacation, with the first type being a v-neck dark colour blouse and the other being a regular white long sleeve blouse.

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Depending on if you will be vacationing in the later part of the spring season wearing a floral print long dress should be considered. This dress is great to wear in the day and evening and can easily be paired with strappy sandals or pumps. There a variety of different flora prints that are available from many retailers, but in the spring season it is best to stick with  print that is not too bright. Carry a small size handbag when wearing a floral print dress in the spring.

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Now, when it comes to what the best type of outerwear to wear on a spring vacation is, you need to determine what type of activities and for how long you will be outside to determine the best pieces. Let’s take for example that there is light rain but you will be inside a museum for a couple of hours. Ok, this is a good time to pair a navy blue blazer with mom jeans and black running shoes.

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You would not wear any type of outerwear and instead opt to carry a medium size umbrella to shield the rain. This is so that you do not overheat wearing multiple layers and an added jacket inside the museum. If you are unsure about your plans for the day, opt to carry a light windbreaker with you.


The best type of footwear to carry on a spring vacation will vary and can range from  simple pair of running shoes to high heels. One tip to remember is when deciding what type of footwear to wear for the day, determine if you will be walking a lot, because if so, it’s best to wear a pair of either all white or all black running shoes. Running shoes are comfortable and great for sightseeing.

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