The Best Sprig Party Outfits That Women Can Create For An Effortless And Stylish Look

We all know that when the spring season finally approaches we can finally begin to shift our focus from wearing long sleeve shirts and dark colours nearly daily, to now focusing on sunny days and a more colourful outfit. This can be said for party wear also. As this is of great importance to many women, especially when the weather is starting to get warmer around late spring. There are many different types of parties that are hosted in the spring from a semi-formal event, to a cocktail party, or just an informal get together with friends in a backyard. Each one of these parties requires a completely separate outfit so careful attention needs to be adhered to when selecting pieces.

In this article we will discuss the best ways how women can dress for any type of spring party. Also, we will share some tips to remember that will help make the best choices. Ok, let’s take a look.

Pleated Long Dress H&M

Cocktail Party

Attending a cocktail party in the spring is a great experience to have especially since your outfit will not be restricted to including a thick jacket or pants. Your spring cocktail outfit should be stylish and feature a bit of colour and cool accessories. Remember, when it comes to creating an outfit for any cocktail party, the same rules apply. The most important aspect is to keep your dress mid length and not too tight. Opt to wear a pastel colour dress paired with cream colour heels and a small handbag.

Lace Dress H&M

Semi Formal Party

When it comes to creating a semi-formal outfit, special attention needs to be payed that you do not over do it and take the spotlight away from others. That being said, we still recommend to wear a stunning dress, but forget all of the glitter and sparkle. An example of an appropriate dress would be a long red dress paired with black heels and medium size earrings. For a more subtle look opt to wear a neutral colour such as beige of back.

Long Dress H&M

House Party

More often than not, one friend or the other will invite you to come over for an informal get together. This usually turns into a party and can be described as one of the first ‘real’ parties of the spring. You do not need to wear anything fancy to this type of party but remember, you are still a stylish woman so keep that in mind. Choose simple but stylish pieces to wear such as high waist denim jeans, a v-neck blouse, denim jacket, and a pair of all white running shoes or leather loafers.

High Ankle Jeans H&M


  • Only wear heels to a semi-formal spring party
  • Ditch the joggers and wear jeans to a house party
  • Wear a black dress for an elegant look
  • Carry a small handbag to a cocktail party
  • Only wear a red dress if you want lots of attention
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