The Best Tops Women Can Wear In The Fall With Their Hair Tied Back

Long hair, short, hair, or medium length hair, it really doesn’t matter because whatever your hair length, it is certainly very important to your identity. So what about fashion, how does this relate to your hair length? We can say that hair length and fashion are both intertwined when designers are curating pieces for their upcoming runway show.

That’s why in this article we will be talking specifically about tied back hair and what types of tops are the most suitable. Let’s take a look.

Cashmere Sweater

This soft material sweater is great to wear on a typical fall day, especially for women that their hair tied back. You can be certain that your outfit will look it’s best with the addition of a lighter colour cashmere sweater. The reason for this is because your top colour choice should not be too bold as that will take away from your tied back hair. 

Beige Wool Cardigan

Yes, wearing a beige wool cardigan in the fall is a great choice. Layer this cardigan over either a white button down sort or a plain white t-shirt. Pants should be stylish but casual, so opt for a navy blue cotton pants.

Wool Cardigan H&M

For a casual look pair with slim denim jeans, black ankle boots, and medium accessories.

 Crew Neck Sweater

A great casual fall top is the cotton crew neck sweater. You can wear this top on the weekends or at any other casual setting. Colours such as light grey, beige, and light blue will really compliment your tied back hair. Leggings or slim black jeans go well with a cotton crew neck sweater.

Cotton Crew Neck Sweater H&M

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