The Best Type Of Colours That Women Can Wear With A Black Leather Jacket In Early Fall

There will always be that day where you will take out your black leather jacket and show the world your style. This is inevitable due to the increasing popularity of leather jackets, specifically a black leather jacket. But we are not going to be talking about your regular dark colour outfit, but something a but more colourful featuring seasonal and accent colours.

In this article we will be discussing what types of colours women can wear with their black leather jacket as part of an early fall season outfit. Also, we will share some tips that women can remember when deciding to wear unique and seasonal colours. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When it comes to the best type of tops that women can wear with a black leather jacket, we can easily say that the list will be extensive. But for the sake of this article, we will share the best three tops that are sure to stand out and go well with a black leather jacket.

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Brown Turtleneck

Yes, we would have to say that almost any type of turtleneck will go great with a black leather jacket, but a dark brown one is the best choice to wear. The reason for this is simply put, dark brown goes extremely well with black and also brown is a fall seasonal colour.

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White Button Down Shirt

The classic white button down shirt will never get old, and can actually be very chic when paired with a black leather jacket. For a chic, cool, and casual outfit, wear a tucked in white button down shirt paired with mom jeans and black running shoes. The contrast with the collar shirt and running shoes will go great with a black leather jacket.

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There is no set rule when it comes to wearing a black leather and footwear. But some popular shoes will be white running shoes, brown leather loafers, black running shoes, and black leather ankle boots. We actually do not recommend to wear any type of open toe footwear with a black leather jacket, as this will completely ruin your outfit.

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  • Wear a short black leather jacket when you are wearing tight fitting pants
  • Unzip your black leather jacket half way for a unique look
  • Regularly clean your leather jacket with leather cleaner or a simple solution of soap and warm water
  • Keep your accessories limited to a handbag and medium size earrings
  • Avoid wearing your black leather jacket in the rain
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