The Best Type Of Commuter Bag That A Man Should Carry To The Office

We all hate it, but you have to get to the workplace one way or another which also means commuting. The typical commuting time to and from work is around 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Anyone who travels above 1.5 hours to and from work should look into finding a new job, because that is way too far! Anyway, let’s get back to talking about your commuter travel bags to use to and from work.

Most people do not have to money to go out and purchase various types of bags to match their different office outfits so we will recommend the top 3 most versatile bags that any man can carry on their commute. Let’s take a look.

Shoulder Bag

A brown leather shoulder bag will go well with a variety of outfits, from a two piece suit to a more casual wear such as denim jeans and a button-down. While this bag has handles to carry it in your hand, it is recommended to carry the shoulder bag actually on your shoulders as this is a better overall look. This bag is great for holding lots of papers or other important items.

Shoulder Bag H&M

Weekend Bag

Despite the name of this bag, it is definitely a good idea to utilize it on the weekday as well. Great for carrying somewhat bulky items like after work clothing or an extra pair of shoes. A brown or black leather style will go best with most outfits.

Weekend Bag H&M


Who doesn’t like backpacks as we have grown accustomed to carrying one over our school years and now into the office. Whenever you need to carry a larger item to the office, make sure you cary a backpack on your commute. An all black backpack is the best choice to still keep your work outfit looking great.

Canvass Backpack H&M

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