The Best Type of Footwear That Women Can Wear With A Pair Of Denim Shorts In The Summer

When it comes to wearing denim shorts, women by far take the top spot. This is mainly attributed to the amount of pieces that can be paired with denim shorts when it comes to women’s wear. Ok, so we all know that almost any shirt will look good when paired with denim shorts, but what about the footwear? Yes, some women tend to think that they can just throw on any type of sandals or running shoes and their denim shorts outfit is complete.

This is the wrong way to go about it and we will explain the better way how to choose the best footwear. Also, we will share some tips that should be followed when it comes to wearing denim shorts in the summer so that women can avoid some common fashion mistakes. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Flat Sandals

Ok, so we all know about how versatile flat sandals can be when it comes to wearing denim shorts but what are the best colours to wear and can flat sandals always be the number one choice? Let’s really see. When it comes to sandals, women should really stick with mainly wearing brown flat leather sandals and avoid the other colours. This is going to be one of the best footwear choices that women can make in the summer season. 

Flat Sandals H&M

Because denim jeans come in a variety of different fits and colours, we recommend to stick with the regular fir and regular wash denim jeans. Avoid wearing black denim jeans with flat sandals as this will not look that good and can actually make your outfit look dull.

Flat Sandals H&M

Wedge Sandals

Wear wedge sandals when you want to get a bit of height but don’t want to bother with heels. Some of the best denim shorts outfits that can be worn with wedge sandals should be casual with a hit on chic. A good example would be to pair regular wash denim jeans with a white blouse and medium size accessories. Or, you can always go for a high fashion look by wearing a tucked in camisole top with an unbuttoned collar shirt. Either outfit is fine and can be complimented with a medium size brown leather handbag.

Wedge Sandals H&M

Strappy Sandals

Wearing strappy sandals with denim shorts should be reserved for only special occasions such as an outdoor music festival or for a night out with friends. A stylish summer festival outfit that can be created with denim shorts and strappy sandals should feature a cool top such as a puff sleeve blouse and unique accessories. One thing to remember is that there will always be room to for the addition of more accessories, but this should be limited to sunglasses or a cool hat.

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