The Best Type Of Pants That Men Can Wear With A Floral Print Shirt In The Spring Season

Now let’s get one thing straight, you can absolutely wear a floral print shirt in many places other than a beach resort. We had to mention that because there is a myth that wearing a shirt patterned with leaves or flowers should not be worn anywhere except a resort. Many people have this weird impression when they see another man wearing a shirt printed with leaves, mainly their reaction is that men should not be wearing that type of shirt. Well, this is false and many men throughout the world have embraced this unique piece.

In this article e will be discussing the best ways how men can wear a patterned shirt in the spring as part of a casual outfit. Also, we will discuss some tips to remember when wearing a floral print shirt. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are great to wear year round and can part of an extremely stylish outfit if you know what you are doing. You can easily wear an unbuttoned white patterned shirt featuring a white t-shirt underneath. Slim fit denim jeans will look best when paired with black loafers

Slim Denim Jeans H&M


There are so many different colours of chinos that choosing the right one for your desired outfit can be difficult. For this outfit we recommend to wear beige slim fit chinos and pair this with a tucked in black patterned shirt. Typically you would wear a black belt when wearing a black shirt, but opt to wear a brown leather belt instead. This will go well with brown loafers. Wear this outfit on a spring weekend for a unique outfit.

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Grey Trousers

You can still look professional while wearing a floral print shirt in the spring, but some tips need to be followed. First of all, opt to wear a shirt that is either black, grey, or white, because any other base colour will immediately hurt your credibility and thrown into question why you showed up to work in that shirt. Secondly, when it comes to pants, opt for a tailored fit with the colours black, grey, and navy blue being your preferred choice. Your footwear should be brown loafers.

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Sweat Shorts

One of the best ways how you can wear floral print late in the spring season is to pair this shirt with sweat shorts. The best type of floral print to wear would be a t-shirt style, which usually comes in a dark base colour with colourful highlight prints. Opt to wear a black or dark grey pair of sweat shorts paired with white running shoes.

Sweat Shorts H&M

Black Jeans

When paired with slim black jeans, any type of floral print shirt will create a stylish outfit. For example, wear dark colour floral print paired with slim black jeans to an evening out at a restaurant. This outfit is both stylish and can feature a black blazer layered over your floral print shirt for a more business casual look. Your footwear should be black leather loafers

Skinny Black Jeans H&M

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