The Best Types Of Outfits That Men Can Wear With Wallabee Shoes

The wallabee shoes have been around since the early 1990s which was mainly embraced with the hip hop scene. These shoes are unique in their own right in that the design and comfortability of these shoes were unseen before. The 1990s was the height of popularity for the wallabee shoes, which then subsided until around 2015. Now more than ever, men are trying to figure out how they can incorporate this unique shoe into their outfits.

We will talk about some outfit ideas that are great to pair with the wallabee shoes and also some tips to remember. Let’s take a look.

Denim Jeans

Wearing wallabee with denim jeans pants is great for a  fall casual outfit. Classic dark brown wallabee shoes will work best with denim jeans and will also tie in to any casual outfit that has a dark shirt. For the fall opt to wear a black or navy blue sweater with this outfit.

Selvedge Jeans H&M


Either beige or black suede wallabee’s are great to wear with an outfit that features a blazer. Wear a patterned or light grey blazer layered over a plain t-shirt for a cool casual outfit. Chinos or black jeans are recommended for this outfit.

Grey Blazer H&M

Flanel Shirt

Depending on the colour of the flannel shirt you want to wear, opt to keep your footwear completely opposite. Meaning that if your flannel shirt is more on the lighter side, wear wallabee shoes that are a dark colour such as dark brown or black.

Flanel Shirt H&M


  • Do not wear wallabee shoes with dress pants
  • Maintain your suede wallabee’s by cleaning regularly with soap and water
  • You can wear these shoes with shorts but it is not recommended
Clark’s Suede Wallebees

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