The Best Way To Wear A Faux Fur Coat On New Years Eve For A Chic Outfit

First of all, we believe wearing a faux fur coat is perfectly fine and often looks and feels much better than the real thing. Besides, who really wants to wear the fur from endangered species on their body as part of a New Year’s Eve outfit? That is really not the type of vibe that should be literally brought into the new year anyway. Shall we go on?

In this article we will be discussing the best was how women can wear a faux fur coat in their New Year’s Eve outfit that will look chic. Let’s take a look.

Faux Fur Coat H&M

Black Dress

Many women love to wear a dress on New Year’s Eve, even if the weather is cold. The problem arises when they wear the wrong jacket or coat, and their entire outfit does not look its best. This is when you should decide to wear a beige faux fur coat instead of a parka. Wear a black dress paired with suede pumps. You should carry a small handbag, while your accessories should be medium size.

Black Dress H&M

Denim Jeans

Sometimes you decide to ditch the major fancy NYE bash and pt for something more chill. But what exactly can you wear that is not too dressed up but still chic. This is where your favourite skinny denim jeans will come in handy. Pair your denim jeans with black ankle boots and a black faux fur coat. You should wear a printed blouse with a gold necklace as an accessory.

Skinny High Jeans H&M


Wear a dark coloured jumpsuit paired with a cream colour faux fur coat. You want your footwear to be stylish, so it is recommended to wear a light colour pair of pumps or black ankle boots. For accessories, wear medium size earrings and carry a small handbag.

V-Neck Jumpsuit H&M

Grey Midi Skirt

Wear a stylish grey midi skirt paired with a black faux fur coat. You should wear a tucked in white cashmere sweater, while your footwear should be white pumps. Dangling earrings should be worn, as this will certainly compliment your black faux fur coat

Grey Midi Skirt H&M

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