The Best Ways How Men Can Create A Stylish Rainy Day Summer Outfit

Listen up, there is no way that anybody who goes outside in the summer season will avoid a slight rainfall, even if it is once. This is a true statement and many men simply leave it up to nature to and luck to see if they can make it throughout the day with their casual t-shirt and denim shorts outfit. Well, let’s be frank and say that some preparation and effort needs to be make to always look stylish regardless of the weather. That is why we have created this article, which is essentially a guide for men who want to dress appropriately and stylish on a rainy day in the summer.

Also, we will share some tips that will help you choose the best pieces and avoid some common mistakes when creating a rainy day outfit. Ok, lets’ take a look.

# 1 Rule Is Layering

Yes, as he heading says, the number one rule when it comes to creating a stylish rainy day summer outfit is going to be layering. This is one of the best rules that should be implemented and remembered with regard to a rainy day summer outfit. When we talk about layering we do not mean to just throw any pieces together, nope. When deciding to layer in the hot summer weather, the maximum number of pieces should only be two. That is to ensure that the humidity will not leave you sweaty and sticky.

Denim Shirt H&M

Also, the best types of pieces to layer will involve regular summer items mixed with a bit of early spring pieces. So for instance, you can easily wear a plain t-shirt but layer a denim long sleeve shirt on top if you suspect that it will rain that day. Just leave your denim shirt unbuttoned to not get overheated. Another layering trick would be to wear a light sweater that can easily be zipped up if the weather begins to pour.

Cardigan With A Zip H&M

Avoid Denim Jeans

If you checked the forecast in the morning before leaving the house and rain showers was a possibility for the day, why would you wear any type of denim jeans? This is a question that many men ask themselves after being caught in a rain storm. The uncomfortable feeling of wet denim against your legs is not cool and should be avoided..unless you are ok with that. Instead of denim jeans, wear something similar such as chinos, which by the way, dry much faster than denim anyway. 

Cotton Chinos H&M

Outerwear Is Optional

You might be thinking but wait, isn’t it best to have a rain coat when it is raining? Yes, of course this is recommended but is really not necessary and can actually be a bit annoying to wear one in very hot weather. Instead, if you insist on carrying any type of outerwear on a rainy summer day it should be lightweight and easily packable. We are talking about having a windbreaker, which are mostly waterproof dry easily. 

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Carry an umbrella in your car as first defence from a rainy summer day.

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