The Best Ways How Men Can Wear 1920s Attire With A Modern Twist And Look Great

The decade of the 1920s was an exciting and innovative time in history. On one hand, there were a lot of illegal bars where men would go to have glass of beer, which by the way, was prohibited in various parts of the United States at the time. Also, his decade is when me’s fashion became really stylish and came into its own. This was the decade of wearing multiple shades of brown in one outfit and also mixing colours that would not necessarily be that common the decade before. But how can we take the 1920s style and keep it alive today with a modern touch?

In this article we will discuss just that, which will encompass various attributes to the original 1920s pieces paired with modern pieces. We will also share some tips that men can remember when deciding to wear a 1920s outfits inspired outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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It really did not matter where you were going or what the occupation was, it was almost universal that men would wear suit pants everyday. Looking back today, this is really what defined 1920s style but we can also see this as a detriment in todays world. Back then is was common to wear a pair of suit pants with a tucked in white dress shirt and bow tie just to head out on a casual weekend walk. 

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For a more modern twist to this outfit switch out the suit pants for a pair of black chinos and the dress shirt can be switched for a white Oxford shirt. This outfit can be even more stylish by wear a pair of black leather loafers. Ditch the bow tie, because in today’s world we only wear that to a formal event and not just out for a walk.


Wearing a blazer was an integral part of men’s outfits in the 1920s, and matching your top with the bottom was the thing to do. Say for instance that you would head out to a bar for. Drink in the 1920s, the only outfit that men would be wearing would be a two piece black suit with a black tie. You can call this the universal bar attire of the time.

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For a more modern ways how to style this 1920s outfit opt to change either your pants or blazer to a completely different colour. So for example, wear light grey suit pants paired with a black blazer and black derby shoes to complete the outfit. Your shirt underneath your blazer can easily just be a plain white t-shirt instead of a white dress shirt.


There was actually no such thing as men going outside without wearing a collar shirt, which was usually white. Why? This is mainly because at the time, men were expected to always look like a gentleman and wearing a collar shirt paired with suit pants was the best way hw to achieve this. 

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Since we are not in the 1920s anymore and society is way more relaxed on fashion norms, we can easily ditch the collar shirt for our casual outfits. A more casual shirt to wear would obviously be a t-shirt, light sweater, or even a hoodie in cold weather.


In the 1920s the footwear was basically one item, which is called derby shoes. Men would not even go outside without wearing some sort of derby shoes, which by the way would be either dark brown or black. Sometimes, these dress shoes would feature two colours such as white and black, but this was mainly reserved for the upper class people.

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Obviously we do not need to wear dress shoes outside in out casual outfits and can wear any type of footwear we want. Creativity is paramount in these modern times, with wearing running shoes and sandals being pretty common. Just make sure that whatever footwear you choose to wear is versatile and will looks great with the rest of your outfit.

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