The Best Ways How Men Can Wear A Sweater In A Casual Outfit In The Winter And Look Stylish

There are no ifs, ands, or buts, you will be wearing a sweater in the winter. That is a guaranteed. But the type of sweater you should wear will be a topic we will be discussing in this article because hey, not all sweaters are meant to be worn with denim jeans. There is also some confusion about the right seater colours to wear in the winter because every colour imaginable seems to be out in the stores to buy.

Now let’s get to the info we need. 

Marino Wool Sweater H&M

Turtleneck Sweater

Wear a dark colour turtleneck sweater with pants such as kaki chinos and black jeans. You should also keep your footwear stylish, so black leather Chelsea boots are recommended to wear. The best ways on how to wear your turtleneck in a casual winter outfit will depend on your outerwear. For a more dressed up outfit, opt to wear a grey or black wool coat.

Cotton Turtleneck H&M

Crewneck Sweater

Sometimes you just want to relax and dress super casual. This is the prefect time when to wear a basic cotton crewneck sweater. While typically worn with track pants, a cotton crewneck sweater can easily be worn with a pair or denim jeans and all black running shoes.

Cotton Sweater H&M

Patterned Sweater

This is the type of sweater that you can wear to a winter function or party. Stick with a dark colour patterned sweater and pair this with black jeans. Your footwear should be brown leather boots while your outerwear should be a black parka.

Patterned Knit Wool Blend Sweater H&M


When you wear a cardigan, you just feel a sense of style and comfortability that no other garment can give. This should not be taken for granted and therefore should be capitalized to get the most exposure. Wear a plain long sleeve light colour shirt underneath a black or grey cardigan paired with black jeans for a stylish outfit.

Cotton Cardigan H&M

Stand Up Collar Sweater

The stand up collar sweater is more like a zip up cardigan. You can actually wear this sweater as outerwear if the weather is mild, but ultimately the stand up collar sweater should be worn with a solid shirt underneath. Colours such as black, beige, and grey will work best in winter outfits.

Sweater With A Zipper H&M


  • Wear dark colours such as black, grey, and navy blue
  • A black sweater will go well with denim jeans and brown leather boots
  • Substitute a blazer for a cardigan for a more casual appearance
Brown Leather Boots H&M

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