The Best Ways How Men Can Wear A Sweatshirt Underneath A Blazer For A Retro Fall Outfit

There is nothing more joyful than creating a retro inspired outfit to suit modern times. This can be easier said than done and some thought has to be put into the outfit creation. On the other hand, if we are taking about 1980s style, there really is not that much thought that is needed, because many of the most popular styles today are a spinoff of that decade. In this article we will talk about a popular fall men’s look that features waring a blazer on top of a sweatshirt.

Also, in this article we will share some outfit tips and ideas that can make your sweatshirt and blazer combination stand out and look its best. Ok, let’s take a look.

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The Best Type Of Sweatshirts

When it comes to sweatshirts there are many different types of styles, colours, and patterns to choose from. We want to make sure that our outfit is stylish and actually makes sense, so let’s take a look at some examples. 

Relaxed Fit Sweatshirt H&M

Patterned Sweatshirt

Wearing a sweatshirt with patterns can be a welcome change from your everyday style and can actually help boos your confidence. In terms of pairing this with a blazer, you should stick on wearing a simple dark colour pattern. The best type of blazer to wear with a patterned sweatshirt will be one that is plain and preferably a medium tone colour such as beige or light grey.

Patterned Sweatshirt H&M

Solid Colour Sweatshirt

Yes, the sweatshirt that all men know and trust is going to be the solid colour sweatshirt. This is the sweatshirt that can easily be purchased from many retailers and will not cost too much. Neutral colours such as beige, black , and white can be easily paired with any type of blazer, regardless of colour. Just remember that you should not really wear a white blazer with a white sweatshirt in the cool fall months. Because this will look very unseasonal and your fashion sense will begin to get questioned.

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Graphic Sweatshirt

The best part about wearing a graphic sweatshirt paired with a blazer is that you can have a chance to showcase your creative side and personality by choosing a graphic that is for you. Meaning that if there is a graphic of a car on the sweatshirt, many people will instantly recognize that you are an avid automobile fan.

Graphic Sweatshirt H&M

The Best Type Of Blazer

In the 1980s the blazer to pair with a sweatshirt was that of a more boxy look and featured shoulder pads. Although shoulder pads can still work for these modern times, we absolutely need to get rid of the boxy look. That is why we recommend to wear a slim fit blazer or slightly looser if you need more room. Avoid wearing a skinny fit blazer as this will lead to your sweatshirt bunching up become too tight.

Slim Fit Blazer H&M


Now when it comes to the best type of footwear to pair with your blazer and sweatshirt outfit, your options are wide. It all depends on the type of look you are going for. For example, if you want a cool laid back appearance, opt to wear a pair of all black running shoes. While on the other hand, for a more dressed up look, wear black leather boots or desert boots.

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