The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Casual And Formal Pieces In Their Summer Outfit

There is nothing wrong with wearing casual and formal pieces in the same outfit and actually this should be embraced from time to time. When it comes to the summer season one thing that is guaranteed is that mixing casual and formal pieces can be difficult and is a reason why most men will only do this in the fall or winter. Some aspects that need to be considered is where exactly will you be going and what will you be doing when wearing this type of outfit. But how can we mix casual and formal pieces in the summer and look good?

In this article we will find out the answer to this and will also share some cool outfit ideas that men can use. Also, we will share some tips that men can remember when it comes to mixing casual and formal pieces and common mistakes to avoid. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Wear The Perfect balance Of Casual And Formal Pieces’

This is the number one rule that men need to remember when deciding to mix casual and formal pieces in the same summer outfit. There is no point in wearing an outfit that is 90% formal with just one casual pieces as is the same when it comes to casual pieces. You want to have the perfect balance, which will help separate your style from most people.

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One of the most important pieces that men can wear in the summer has to be the blazer. This formal piece can be worn with a variety of stylish pieces from a plain t-shirt to a button down shirt. One example of a stylish well balanced summer outfit featuring a blazer would be to wear denim jeans and leather loafers as footwear. Your blazer can be light grey with a black t-shirt underneath. As you can see, this outfit is well balanced with a mix of formal and casual pieces and does not come off as too formal or too casual.

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Wen it comes to footwear your options are actually pretty spread out and can range from wearing dress shoes to a pair of multi coloured running shoes. The best way how to choose your footwear when pairing casual and formal pieces in the summer is to first decide what your outfit will be. To be extreme, you can actually wear a two piece suit and wear a pair of all white running shoes perfectly fine with a baseball cap as an accessory. While on the other hand, wearing a track suit with the addition of leather boots is not really that crazy of a concept.

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The best formal pants to wear a re of course going to be suit pants while when it comes to casual pants, your options are much wider. As you can see, there is limited space for wearing suit pants in the summer and casual pants are a better option to wear anyway, because there are just more formal pieces for the upper body. One tip to remember is that no matter what type of pats you decide to wear, keep the fit stylish with either a slim or skinny fit. Also, make sure that you wear a belt, which will only add to your style.

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