The Best Ways How Men Can Wear City Approved Jeans In The Summer For A Modern And Stylish Outfit

What exactly are city approved jeans anyway? Ok, this is going to be a somewhat long answer but it is important. When you ask most men this question one of the first answers will be that city jeans just mean a skinny fit or trashed jeans. This is partially correct, as modern styles such as trashed jeans and skinny jeans fit well into big city style. The rest of this answer is mainly about pieces that can turn almost any type of jeans into “city jeans,” which we will talk more about in this article.

We will also share some ideas that men can use in the summer to make sure that their city jeans outfits are stylish and appropriate. Ok, let’s take a look.

Skinny Jeans H&M

Black Skinny Jeans

First we will talk about wearing black skinny jeans in the summer. While it is easy to just throw on any shirt with your black skinny jeans and call it a day, we will want to be more stylish than that. The advantage of wearing black skinny jeans is that you can either dress up or down according to where you will be for the day. We recommend to exclusively wear a pair of black skinny jeans in the evening or as part of a night party outfit. Either way, pair your jeans with brown leather loafers to complete the outfit.

Black Skinny Jeans H&M

Skinny Denim Jeans

Sometimes you don’t want to wear something too complicated in the hot summer season. This is fine and your outfit can definitely feature a pair or skinny denim jeans. These jeans are so versatile that we could have just put this one up by itself. Ok, so the best type of shirts to wear with skinny denim jeans should be plain and feature just one colour. White or black running shoes are great to wear with these jeans.

Skinny Denim Jeans H&M

White Skinny Jeans

With wearing white skinny jeans in the summer your options will be limited to just a few pieces. Because white pants get dirty easily there will need to be precautions taken to avoid eating any type of food that you know might leave a stain. Also, be sure to wear similar neutral colours with white skinny jeans such as a beige or black shirt.

White Skinny Jeans H&M

Cropped Jeans

It really doesn’t matter what colour your cropped jeans are, they will definitely be classified as “city jeans.” The reason for this is because of how modern and stylish these jeans look in a summer outfit. Want t wear an Oxford shirt, sure just wear a pair of beige cropped jeans. Want to wear a tucked in plain t-shirt, sure just wear a dark colour pair of cropped jeans to create a stylish look. As you can see, cropped jeans are definitely meant for the city and should be in a summer wardrobe.

Cropped Jeans H&M

Shirts That Can Turn Jeans Into “City Jeans”

Some shirts are more versatile and stylish than others no matter what type of pants you wish to wear with them. In terms of the best shirts that men can wear to turn regular jeans into “city jeans,” we first need to know the characteristics needed. Take for example an Oxford shirt. This shirt is not really meant to be worn with jeans but the best way is to tuck it in for a city look. Also, the same can be said when it comes to wearing a plain t-shirt, which can easily be tucked in for a more modern city outfit. 

Regular Fit Oxford Shirt H&M

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