The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Cropped Suit Pants In The Spring As Part Of A Stylish Outfit

Ok, so there has been a lot of noise made about cropped pants in general and the heated debate amongst men as to what the correct ways to wear them. We should also mention that the cropped pants style is not a new style and was actually popular decades before, until collectively we decided that longer pants was the way to go. Now, the generation under 35 years old is trying to figure of how to wear cropped pants properly and as part of a stylish outfit. 

In this article we will precisely discuss that and also how men can use some tips and tricks to help pull off the cropped suit pants look as part of a spring outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

Cropped Suit Pants H&M

Light Grey Cropped Suit Pants

While wearing a black two piece suit to the office is somewhat a regular and mundane task, we recommend to switch out the black for a light grey colour. This is more suitable for the warm spring months and also light grey cropped suit pants can go well with a white tucked in dress shirt. Wearing a tie is optional but make sure that your footwear is either brown loafers or derby shoes.

Cropped Suit Pants H&M

Brown Cropped Suit Pants

Wearing brown cropped pants as part of a spring weekend casual outfit can pose some challenges. First of all, there are not many colours that go well with brown pants so you would have to play it safe and stick with neutral colours. Opt to wear a tucked in black long sleeve shirt and complete your outfit with black derby shoes.

Cropped Suit Pants H&M

Patterned Cropped Suit Pants

In this outfit you can wear a patterned cropped suit pants paired with a plain button down shirt. This shirt does not need to necessary be tucked in, but be sure to not wear an oversized shirt. Because the pattered pants draws all the attention we recommend to stick with either a white or cream colour button down shirt. Your footwear should be black loafers

Cropped Suit Pants H&M

Blue Cropped Suit Pants

Wearing blue suit pants, no matter what the fit or style, is always a great idea with regard to office wear. That is why we will recommend wearing blue cropped suit pants paired with a tucked in grey dress shirt with and optional grey blazer. Finish off your outfit with black derby shoes.

Cropped Suit Pants H&M

Cream Cropped Suit Pants

There are a variety of options when it comes to pick what to wear with a pair of cream cropped suit pants. On one hand you can stick with a classic look and opt to wear a tucked in dress shirt. Or, you can be a bit more creative and wear a patterned polo shirt paired with white running shoes. Either way, the direction you want your outfit to go will depend on where you will be going for the day.

Cropped Suit Pants H&M

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