The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Denim Shorts In A Casual Late Spring Outfit

Contrary to what you may believe, there is nothing wrong with wearing denim shorts before the start of the summer season. Absolutely, men should get out there starting mid to late spring and experiment with some pieces that will go well with denim shorts, which will give you a head start for when the weather gets much warmer. There is some misconception around wearing denim shorts, mainly you hear things such as denim shorts should only be worn with a t-shirt or only wear denim shorts when you are going to be doing outdoor activities all day…Come on guys! 

There are so many great outfits that can be created with the addition of denim shorts, which we will list in this article. Also, we will share some useful tips that you can remember when deciding to wear denim shorts late in the spring season. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Keep It Cool And Casual

Now, maybe you are the type of man who just likes to wear denim shorts with a regular plain t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt, which is ok. Or, maybe you want to wear a casual shirt but anything other than a plain style. When it comes to wearing denim shorts in an extremely cool casual outfit, some fundamentals have to be followed to ensure that your outfit doesn’t look like you just threw together some random pieces of clothing and called it an outfit.

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For example, most very casual shirts that will be appropriate to wear with your denim shorts will be pastel colour plain t-shirts, henley t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, and dark colour graphic t-shirts. Choosing which t-shirt is best to go in your outfit will be achieved to deciding on the type of look that you want. For an outfit that has the perfect balance of super casual and stylish, opt to wear either a dark colour v-neck t-shirt or henley shirt. While on the other hand, wear a graphic or plain t-shirt when you will be chilling outside with no particular destination to go, such as to a park or just window shopping.

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Denim shorts will always go well with running shoes, which are all white or all black. Also, if you intend to wear sandals with your casual denim shorts outfit, opt to wear them in either black or brown, which will go well with any type of shirt that you decide to wear.

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Formal Casual

You might be wondering how you can incorporate any type of formal wear with your casual denim shorts and still look good. Well, let us first understand the main principals to take into consideration when pairing formal with casual pieces. First, get the outdated concept out of your mind that if you are going to wear one formal piece, then your whole outfit should automatically be formal, this is false. Also, you need to find a delicate balance in regard to your outfit colour selection and the amount of formal pieces you are going to wear with your casual denim shorts.

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Ok, now that we got the principals out of the way, let’s look at some examples of formal casual denim shorts outfits that you can create for the late spring season.

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One popular way how you can pair formal with casual with denim shorts is to wear a tucked in dress shirt, with an optional blazer on top. This outfit would be great to wear to a late spring lunch and also great to wear in the evening. Obviously, wearing a white dress shirt will be the safest choice when paired with any colour blazer, but also colours such as light blue, black, and navy blue can be worn as well. A good colour for your blazer with denim shorts will be black or beige.

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Ditch the running shoes when wearing your denim shorts in a formal casual outfit and opt for something more stylish and appropriate. The footwear that you want to have on will be dark brown loafers or leather sandals

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One tip to remember is that no matter what type of shirt you will wear, tuck it in to create a more stylish appearance.

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