The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Linen Blend Pants In The Spring Season

Wearing linen blend pants in the spring season is not that popular amongst men, as this material is considered strictly as only for the hot summer season. Well, it’s not and can easily be worn in the latter part of the spring season effortlessly. When we mention that the pants are linen blend, what we are really talking about is the material is not just linen but is blended with cotton for better quality and longevity. Ok, enough with the lesson, let’s get on with how men can wear linen blend pants in the spring season as part of a  casual outfit.

In this article we will discuss the best outfits that can be created with linen blend pants and also, we will share some tips that men can remember when deciding to wear linen. Ok, let’s take a look.

Linen Blend Regular Pants H&M

Type Of Linen Blend Pants

Cargo Pants

The linen blend cargo pants can be worn as part of a mid spring casual outfit which will be paired with black running shoes. A good shirt to pair with these pants would be a plain dark colour hoodie or even a dark colour flannel shirt.  The best colour to wear your cargo linen blend pants would be either light brown or dark green.

Linen Blend Cargo Pants H&M


Yes, there is such a thing as linen blend joggers and you should really look into owning a pair for the spring season. Why? Mainly because like cotton joggers, wearing linen blend joggers is extremely comfortable and can easily be featured in a laid back mid spring outfit. Pair your linen blend joggers with a dark colour windbreaker and black running shoes for a stylish laid back outfit.

Linen Blend Joggers H&M

Regular Pants

Treat your regular linen blend pants just as you would any other type of cotton or wool trousers. Because of how stylish linen blend pants are, you can easily wear them as part of a workplace outfit or to an evening out at a restaurant. The key is to wear a stylish shirt, that will leave no doubt in your mind as to if wearing a pair of linen bend pants was a good idea. The best shirts to wear with regular linen blend pants should have a collar, so opt to wear a dress shirt or Oxford shirt. Wear leather loafers with these pants for a classy look.

Linen Blend Regular Pants H&M


  • Wear a navy blue or black blazer with regular linen pants
  • Linen joggers are best to wear on the weekend
  • Never wear bright shoes with linen cargo pants
  • Limit your accessories to just sunglasses when wearing linen blend pants
  • Wash linen blend pants in cold water without harsh detergents
Linen Blend Regular Pants H&M

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