The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Pink Shorts As Part Of A Casual Summer Outfit

When it comes to the colour pink, many men tend to become reluctant to wear or even consider the possibility of a pink garment. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the colour pink, but traditionally the colour pink is associated with women’s clothing. I this article we will discuss the best ways how men can wear pink shorts in the summer season.

Also, we will share some helpful tips that men can remember to avoid making some common mistakes when it comes to wearing a pink piece. Ok, let’s take look.

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The best type of shirts to wear with pink shorts should be stylish yet comfortable that will adapt to the hot weather. This is why we recommend a few key pieces that should never be forgotten when wearing pink shorts. The first choice that we will recommend is to wear an Oxford shirt. This shirt is best when your footwear is leather loafers and preferably should be worn in the evening.

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Another choice that we recommend is to stick with a plain t-shirt. Depending on personal taste, a light or dark colour t-shirt will go well. Just make sure that if you will be wearing a light colour t-shirt that your footwear is also a light colours such as a pair of all white running shoes. 


Keep your footwear appropriate for the type of places you will be for the day. That being said, there will always not be a defined rule that should be followed while wearing pink shorts and discretion should be made carefully. For a casual summer daytime outfit, stick with either leather sandals or a pair of white running shoes.

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Best Colours To Wear With Pink Shorts

Wearing pink shorts in a summer outfit can be as simple as wearing a plain white t-shirt and a pair of white running shoes. Or you can be more unique and experiment with pairing different colours that usually are not seen together. One example of this is to wear a teal colour t-shirt paired with your pink shorts. This outfit will be very colourful and should be worn when the weather is really hot.

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If you want to wear a dark colour shirt and dark colour footwear, it is best to keep this for when the sun is going down. So let’s say that you want to wear a pair of black running shoes with your pink shorts. The best thing to do would be to wear a dark colour shirt such as in navy blue.

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