The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Plaid Pants In The Spring As Part Of A Casual Outfit

For some reason, many men tend to shy away from wearing plaid pants. Generally, there is apprehension because of the difficulty in putting together the right pieces that will go well with plaid pants. This should not be the case as wearing plaid pants, particularly in the spring, can bring advantages to your overall spring wardrobe.

In this article we will discuss some of the best ways how men can wear plaid pants in the spring season as part of a casual outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding to wear plaid, so that you can master this style. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Black Plaid Pants

There are so many different casual outfit that can easily be created with black plaid pants. This is because of the sheer versatility of the neutral black colour can make your outfit pieces all the much easier to choose. Let’s take a look at a few good examples.

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Polo Shirt

A classic colour combination that will never get old is to pair black and white pieces. That’s exactly what we will be doing with this spring casual outfit. Wear a short sleeve polo shirt paired with black plaid pants. Your footwear should be stylish, so opt to wear a pair of black loafers.

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Oxford Shirt

Wear a light colour Oxford shirt paired with black plaid pants for this outfit. Shirt colours such as light blue, beige, and light grey are all suitable to wear in this outfit. Your footwear should be a pair of all black running shoes.

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For a more business casual spring look, opt to include a blazer in your black plaid pants outfit. The best type of blazer to wear would be either a cream colour or white. These two colours go great with your black plaid pants and can easily be worn with a white t-shirt underneath. Wear stylish footwear such as black or brown loafers.

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Grey Plaid Pants

Wearing grey plaid pants in the spring season is a good idea, which there are many stylish outfits that can be created with this piece. In the spring, you generally want to wear light colours and leave the dark colours for the cooler months. But that is not the case when wearing grey plaid pants because dark colour shirts go best with it.

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Dress Shirt

This outfit is more suitable for an evening out at a restaurant. You want to wear a tucked in black dress shirt paired with your grey plaid pants. Your footwear should be black, so loafers or derby shoes will work best.

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A simple weekend outfit that can be created with grey plaid pants can include a basic t-shirt. Wear a tucked in dark green t-shirt paired with white running shoes to complete this outfit. You can wear a fanny pack across your shoulder to complete this outfit.

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Wearing a blazer in any casual outfit will immediately give you a boost of confidence and look great also. When wearing grey plaid pants, opt to wear either a navy blue or black blazer. You can wear a plain white t-shirt underneath to complete this outfit. As for the best type of shoes to wear, opt for black derby shoes.

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