The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Shorts & A Long Sleeve Shirt Together In The Spring Season

There is nothing more refreshing for the mind and your fashion sense than wearing shorts on a nice sunny day. Typically, when we think of wearing shorts, the hot summer months first come to mind. Actually, most legs will not even see the sun in any other season except the summer, which is somewhat to be expected. But fear not, because you can actually wear shorts in the later part of the spring season also, but with some exception. Mainly, you will want to wear a long sleeve shirt instead of your typical short sleeve summer look.

In this article we will discuss some of the best outfits that can be created in the spring featuring shorts paired with a long sleeve shirt. Also, we will share some tips to remember that can help you on your fashion journey. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Oxford Shirt & Denim Shorts

One cool late spring casual outfit that can be created with shorts will feature an Oxford shirt. For this outfit, we will wear denim shorts paired with a light colour Oxford shirt. While you can simply wear the Oxford shirt just fine by itself, we recommend to leave it unbuttoned, which would show off your plain t-shirt underneath. Wear a pair of all white running shoes as footwear.

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Sweat Shorts & Long Sleeve Shirt

For a more simple and laid back late spring outfit, opt to wear sweat shorts. Yes, this piece is almost identical to the more common sweatpants, except that the material stops above your knees. You shirt should be plain, while wearing a dark colour is recommended. Wear black running shoes as footwear.

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Cotton Shorts & Dress Shirt

For this outfit, we want to wear something more professional, so a dress shirt will do. Pair a tucked in white dress shirt with either navy blue or black cotton shorts. This is a great outfit to wear at work. Just make sure that your workplace dress code is open to this outfit. Black loafers should be worn as footwear.

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Chino Shorts & Blazer

While a blazer is not necessarily a long sleeve shirt, we wanted to include this piece on our list. Think of it this way, if you want to look great on an evening at a restaurant, you need to wear a blazer. Wear a black or navy blue blazer paired with beige chino shorts. This outfit will be appropriate to wear to a restaurant patio or any other type of outdoor food setting. Footwear should be dark brown loafers.

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Black Shorts & Denim Shirt

One of the most classic outfit combination throughout the year is black pants and a denim shirt. Well, this outfit will be somewhat similar, except you can switch out the black jeans for black jean shorts. Wear a regular denim long sleeve shirt and keep your footwear black running shoes.

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