The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Shorts With A Blazer In The Summer And Look Good

We are no longer constrained to dress according to how society tells us and in these modern times we are free to actually whatever we want. Ultimately this is a positive because it gives us the opportunity to experiment and create a stylish outfit that would’t be possible to do before. Ok, so what are we getting at? While not a completely new concept, wearing a blazer paired with shorts in the summer is not that popular and this shouldn’t be the case. We will show you why in this article.

Also, we will share some tips that men can remember when pairing a blazer with shorts that will help avoid some mistakes. Ok let’s take a look.

Slim Fit Blazer H&M

Type of Shorts

Chino Shorts

Wearing chinos shorts paired with a fitted blazer will look great only if you have on the correct footwear. Yes, you can wear a pair of derby shoes and call it a day, but leather loafers will look better. Wear a pair of brown leather loafers when wearing beige chino shorts paired with a dark colour blazer.

Chino Shorts H&M

Sweat Shorts

Wearing sweat shorts with a blazer is not recommended as these bottoms are too informal and will look completely awkward. But if you are the creative type and like to look really different, then this outfit might just be for you. Wear your blazer black and footwear a pair of all black running shoes for some semblance of uniformity in this outfit.

Sweat Shorts H&M

Denim Shorts

One of the most popular types of shorts that men will wear in the summer season will be denim shorts. You can easily wear any colour blazer that you want with denim shorts and still look great. Just make sure that your footwear matches the theme of your outfit. So for example, wear a pair of all white running shoes if you intend to wear a cream colour linen blazer paired with your denim shorts.

Denim Shorts H&M

Blazer Types

Slim Fit Blazer

A slim fit blazer is essentially a blazer that can easily be worn with a variety of slim or skinny fit bottoms effortlessly. This modern fit is the most sought after type of blazer, and colours such as navy blue, light grey, and sky blue will go great in the summer season. 

Slim Fit Blazer H&M

Linen Blazer

The lien blazer is great for to wear on those hot summer days and can actually serve as outerwear as well. Wear your linen blazer in a slim fit and in colours such as beige, white, and in a cream colour. Also, leather loafers should be your preferred footwear.

Slim Fit Linen Blend Blazer H&M


  • Wear a pair of all white or black running shoes when wearing denim shorts with a blazer
  • Wear a navy blue blazer in the evening for a stylish look
  • Wear your socks either ankle or mid length, anything else higher will not look good
Slim Fit Denim Shorts H&M

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