The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Skinny Black Jeans In The Summer Season

While wearing black jeans in the cooler months of the year is fairly common, there is little information on creating a stylish summer outfit with skinny black jeans specifically. This can be attributed to various factors, such as minimal popularity with wearing black skinny jeans in the summer and men who want to avoid wearing any type of black pieces in the hottest months of the year. Ok, this is completely understandable and you don’t have to wear skinny black jeans in the summer if you don’t want to. But for the men who do, this guide is for you.

In this guide we will discuss the best summer outfits that can be created featuring skinny black jeans. Also, we will share some tips that men can remember when deciding to wear skinny black jeans so that their outfit turns out great. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Oxford Shirt

Who says that an Oxford shirt only looks good when paired with chinos? Well, this is a completely inaccurate statement and to the contrary, skinny black jeans can look great with an Oxford shirt. Just be careful to not wear a dark colour Oxford shirt, as this will not be suitable for the summer months. Instead, opt to wear a colour such as light blue of white and wear leather loafers as your footwear.

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Denim Shirt

There are two types of denim shirt’s that will go well with your black skinny jeans in the summer. If you intend to wear the long sleeve version, stick with a dark wash denim such as indigo blue, which will look great as part of a summer evening outfit while on the other hand, opt to wear a light wash denim short sleeve shirt during the summer daytime. The best footwear to wear with the short sleeve version will be white running shoes.

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Ok, so there is not really much to say about the best colour t-shirt you should wear with black skinny jeans, as all colours will look great. But you can easily switch from a v-neck style to a crew neck style depending on where you will b going that day. If you ill be heading out somewhere casual bust want to look really stylish, opt to wear a dark colour v-neck t-shirt paired with your skinny black jeans. Wear a simple crew neck t-shirt any other times throughout the summer season, as this is the most practical outfit. 

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Evening Wear

If you compare black skinny jeans with skinny regular denim jeans, you will see that the black skinny jeans will be the most suitable option to wear in the summer evening, especially if you will be going out either to a restaurant or to a lounge. Of course we will recommend to wear a blazer, with the option of wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath or in the case of a restaurant dat, wear a plain white dress shirt underneath your blazer. The best blazer colours to wear with black skinny jeans when paired with leather loafers will be either navy blue, white, or beige.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M


The only accessories that men should wear when wearing black skinny jeans in the summer will be a pair of stylish sunglasses and the optional cap. Note: it is not necessary to wear a cap at all unless the sun is relentless and there is no share around.

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