The Best Ways How Men Should Wear A Fleece Jacket In The Winter Months

There is not much debate about this unique material jacket anymore..the verdict is in and fleece is now mainstream. This wasn’t always the case, in fact, wearing a fleece jacket was only reserved for the “uncool” crowd of teachers and people who couldn’t afford a “proper” jacket. This is exactly what makes fashion so interesting, with old or uncool pieces now being front and centre amongst the hottest items to have.

In this article we will discuss the only ways how men should wear a fleece jacket in the winter. With that being said, this list is not exhaustive but should be used as a guide when deciding to wear a fleece jacket. Ok, let’s take a look.


There is almost no such thing as wearing a fleece jacket and not layering. Kind of like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sure, you could only eat the sandwich with peanut butter, but it is going to taste that much better with added jam. When layering with a fleece jacket you want to be careful, as fleece is an extremely warm material that keeps your body heat trapped close.

Grey TKA Glacier Fleece Jacket The North Face

How Can You Layer A Fleece Jacket?

A popular layering style with a fleece jacket is to wear a hoodie underneath. There is an added benefit for doing this, which will be that you can now have a hood to keep your head warm if need be. Another type of layering with a fleece jacket would be to wear a blazer layered over a t-shirt. In order to feel comfortable and avoid overheating, with this style, opt to keep your fleece jacket unzipped.

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Casual Outfit

Yes, we know, you can absolutely wear a fleece jacket in a more dressed up look, such as for the office or for an evening night out, but we recommend to only wear this jacket in a casual outfit. Keep in mind that by casual we do not only mean jeans and a sweater. We are talking broad in this sense, so chinos, black jeans, and yes, denim jeans are all valid bottoms to wear.

Black TKA Glacier Fleece Jacket The North Face

Always begin with choosing your pants when you want to wear a fleece jacket, as this will help with colour coordination and overall look. An example would be that you decide that you will be wearing a beige fleece jacket, ok so now let’s choose your pants. A light washed out pair of denim jeans is the correct type of pants you should wear, because these two light colours just go well together.

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What you wear as a top should reflect you desired style and also the weather. Meaning, there is no point in wearing a wool sweater with a fleece jacket when the temperatures is above zero degrees celsius as there should be serious consideration on wearing just a turtleneck in painfully cold weather. Use your common sense and fashion sense to decide what will work out best.

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There can never be one defined type of shoes that you should wear with a fleece jacket. In the winter months, your footwear selection is limited by the cold weather and snow. Therefore, boots and the occasional pair of running shoes are going to your choices. Wear dark colour shoes that make sense on the day you are wearing a fleece jacket.

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For example, you can absolutely wear a pair of black running shoes with your fleece jacket outfit that includes denim jeans and a sweater. While this is one example of a casual outfit, there are endless possibilities that will go well with running shoes or black leather bots. The final decision will be up to yourself, so use your fashion knowledge to guide your choice.

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  • Layering should be your preferred choice when wearing a fleece jacket
  • Black colour fleece jackets are the most popular
  • Don’t wear a scarf with a fleece jacket
Teal TKA Glacier Fleece Jacket The North face

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