The Best Ways How Women Can Create A Stylish Summer Theatre Outfit

Heading out to the theatre can be one of the most interesting times of the Sumer season. Hardly a casual event, deciding what to wear to an evening summer theatre show will lead to frustration and a lack of knowledge online will not help at all. Do women need to dress more formal than their male counterparts? Or, is it ok to wear a dress and large earrings? These are the questions that many women ask themselves when deciding what the appropriate attire is to wear.

That is why we decided to create this article, which is specifically for women who will be going to a theatre show this summer and need some inspiration with their outfits. Also, we will share some tips that can be useful when deciding what the best pieces will be and the best ways how you can wear them. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Types Of Outfits

When it comes to a typical daytime theatre show, there will not be that much emphasis on wearing anything over the top.The attire is mainly casual with the occasional dress sighting, but for the most part, women can get away with just wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a tucked in t-shirt. Even when it comes to accessories, they’re not necessary and if so, just wear small earrings and a small necklace.

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On the other hand, if you will be attending a summer evening show the dress code will be completely different. As opposed to the casual laid back outfits common with day time shows, the evening show demands a more business casual to semi-formal attire. In which, women are recommended to mainly wear a dress with elegant accessories and a stylish handbag.

Day Show Attire

Ok, so there are some pieces that should never be worn at a theatre show no matter what time of the day it is. These pieces are widely seen as too casual and can actually be off putting with the attending guests. Avoid wearing leggings, shorts, and running shoes. Instead, opt to wear a stylish pair of denim jeans with leather ankle boots or loafers as your preferred footwear. For your top, a good choice will be to war a tucked in turtleneck, blouse, or t-shirt. Make sure that your accessories are kept to a minimal and carry a medium size handbag.

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Evening Show Attire

One of the best times in the summer to show off your style is going to be when you attend an evening theatre show. This is a great opportunity to wear that dress that you have been keeping in the closet for a while and pair this with stylish heels. Do not b too flashy with your outfit, as you should wear ether a neutral colour cocktail dress or a pastel colour long dress. Whatever type of dress you decide to wear, be sure to carry a small handbag and wear medium size accessories.

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