The Best Ways How Women Can Wear A Shirt Dress In The Summer For A Stylish Casual Outfit

There will always be those women who despise wearing any types of dress, let alone a shirt dress. This is their loss and yours to gain. Ok, before we start off this article, let’s first explain what exactly a shirt dress is. A shirt dress is pretty self explanatory, as this is a piece that is fashioned as a shirt, but is long enough to be considered a dress. So, for practical reasons this garment is called a shirt dress. Ok, let’s continue.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can wear a shirt dress in the summer season as part of a stylish casual outfit. Also, we will share some tips that women can remember which will help to avoid some common fashion mistakes. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Choosing the correct type of footwear is very important when deciding to wear a shirt dress out in the summer. Because we are only talking about a casual type of shirt dress, your footwear will be limited to styles such as all white running shoes, flat sandals, loafers, and strappy sandals. One tip to remember is that if you intend to wear any type of loafers, make sure that it is in leather and preferably in either light brown or dark brown.

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Some of the most stylish women’s summer accessories can perfectly go well with a shirt dress. We like to think of these accessories as being the final touch, and as such, there will be a few favourites that should be considered when wearing a shirt dress. These accessories include a sun hat, ankle and wrist bracelets, earrings, and of course a stylish handbag. There is no need to wear a necklace with a shirt dress as this will distract from your overall outfit.

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Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Women should not wear just any shirt dress in a long sleeve style and we will tell you why. The main reason for this is because when it comes to the summer months, you want to keep your colours light and pair them with creative and fresh pieces. This is the complete opposite of if you want to wear a long sleeve shirt dress, which is generally better suited in a dark colour and with minimal accessories. You will find many long sleeve shirt dresses in either denim or linen, which can be paired with flat sandals. Wear a long sleeve shirt dress mainly in the evening or as part of a festival outfit. 

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Short Sleeve Shirt Dress

The best way how to wear a short sleeve shirt dress in the summer is to keep it simple and wear light or bright colours. Some of the most popular styles will feature what looks like just a really long short sleeve t-shirt and also styles that feature a waist belt. Wear a pair of all white running shoes or flat sandals when wearing these types of shirt dresses. 

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