The Best Ways How Women Can Wear A Vest In The Fall Season Effortlessly And Look Good

There will always be haters in life and you can nit ever help them, especially when it comes to negative comments about what you are wearing. What exactly are we talking about? Well, we are actually talking about a less worn fashion piece that is incredibly complicated to style with but can give any outfit a much needed boost. Yes, we are talking about wearing a vest. As we all know, wearing a vest is one of the hardest pieces to create an outfit with, simply because it is just so uncommon and many women have a lack of inspiration due to that fact.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can wear a vest in the fall season as part of a stylish outfit and also we will share with you some tips on some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to wearing a vest. Ok, let’s take a look.

Sweater Vest H&M

With A Satin Blouse

For a more chic casual outfit, opt to wear a black cotton vest with a light colour cotton blouse. You need to make sure that your pants are a great fit, as this will only enhance your overall look. That is why we recommend to wear either high ankle mom denim jeans or you can wear a pair or black trousers. Your accessories and handbag should be medium size, while your footwear should be either black leather ankle boots or dark brown leather loafers.

Satin Blouse H&M

With A Turtleneck

The best type of turtleneck tat women can wear with their vest will have to be a neutral colour turtleneck sweater. This can be part f a casual or formal outfit, which all depends on which type of footwear and accessories you select. For example, wear a beige turtleneck sweater underneath a dark colour vest for an evening outfit. Your footwear should be ankle boots while your bottoms can be a pair or black jeans.

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater H&M

With A Hoodie

When wearing a vest over a hoodie, the first step that should be taken is to figure what colour you want your hoodie to be, because this can drastically alter your preferred final outfit. Wear a dark hoodie if you do not want to stand out much ad will be wearing denim jeans in your outfit. While on the other hand, you can wear a light colour hoodie such as white for a laid back fall weekend style.

Cotton Hoodie H&M

With A Button Down Shirt

The best time to wear a button down shirt is when you want to portray confidence and will be wearing your best. Meaning, that if you plan on wearing a button down shirt, it will be best to pair it with a vest as well. When you pair a vest with a button down shirt, your corresponding selection of pieces will be that much easier and also there will be no doubt a bit a flare in your outfit also. Make sure that your bottoms are either a stylish plain pencil skirt or slacks. Also, your footwear should be either heels or ankle boots.

Oversized Cotton Shirt H&M

With A Cardigan

Now, yes, wearing a vest is similar to wearing a cardigan but not entirely. You see, when wearing a cardigan, your options are limited to wearing either a collar shirt or a crew neck. While with wearing a vest, you can easily choose any piece you want, from short sleeves to long sleeves, and still look great. One tip to remember is that make sure that your vest and cardigan are close to the same colour but not an exact match. This will lead to a more stylish overall outfit.

Rib Knit Cardigan H&M

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