The Best Ways How Women Can Wear Loose Jeans On A Spring Lunch Date

There is nothing more annoying than showing up to a spring lunch date and being the only person who is overdressed. Yes, this is a fact for many women who tend to go all out on their dates, especially if it is the first date with that person. Let’s see, a typical outfit that many women would choose to wear on a spring lunch date would consist of wearing heels, skinny denim jeans or leggings, and a blouse. There is nothing really that outfit, other than you are just following the same playbook as many other women around the world. Fashion is all about being different and exploring your creativity.

That is why, in this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can wear loose jeans on a spring lunch date we specifically decided to choose a spring lunch date because this will be the most appropriate setting to wear loose jeans. Also, we will share some tips that you can remember which will help you look more stylish on your date. Ok, let’s take a look.

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One of the best pieces that you can wear to a lunch date will be a blazer. Now, you are probably wondering if we will mention the classic black blazer and denim jeans combination? We won’t! What we want to do is dress for the season, meaning that pastel and light colours should be worn more frequently than darker colours.

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In this outfit, opt to wear a blazer that is either a cream colour or light blue. Wear a black t-shirt underneath and black loose fitting jeans to complete this outfit. Your accessories and handbag should be medium size while your footwear should be brown leather loafers.

Button-Down Shirt

Wear a white button-down cotton shirt paired with loose fitting denim jeans for a stylish and laid back outfit. This outfit is more suited for a lunch patio date and should be worn with black or cream colour pumps. Accessories for this outfit should be limited to medium size earrings and a small necklace. Carry a medium size wallet purse.

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Patterned Blouse

The first date is the time when the person who you are with will begin to see a bit more about your personality and especially your fashion sense and style. That is why it is important to not come off as just another woman who wears the same generic outfits to a lunch date. Instead, the impression that your date should have of your style should be that of intrigue. So why not wear a patterned blouse, which is not common to see.

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Wear your patterned blouse paired with high waist and high ankle mom jeans, with your black leather loafers as your footwear. Keep your accessories small as well as your handbag.

Of course women can wear other pieces to a spring lunch date, but these three pieces on this list will look the best when paired with loose fit jeans

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