The Best Ways How Women Can Wear Stripes In Their Casual Summer Outfits

The summer season is a great time to experiment and try new things when it comes to fashion. Of course, there are plenty of ways how to dress stylish with just plain pieces but there is really no fun in this. Instead, we will be discussing the best ways how women can wear stripes in their casual outfits. Keep in mind that stripes can come in various colours and in different pieces, such as a vertical stripped shirt or striped pants.

Also, we will share some tips that women can remember when deciding to wear stripes in the summer. Ok, let’s take a look.

Striped Kaftan H&M

Striped Joggers

We all know about the comfortability of wearing joggers, no matter what the current season is, but what about wearing striped joggers in the summer. This is going to be a new concept to many people, as wearing striped joggers will present new and creative ways how to wear corresponding pieces. Try wearing either a tucked in linen shirt or a tucked in t-shirt with your striped joggers. You can wear a pair of white running shoes and carry a medium size neutral colour handbag.

Striped Linen Joggers H&M

Striped Swimsuit

One of the most stylish ways to show up on the beach in the summer is to wear either a red or striped swimsuit. We will be talking about the latter, with an emphasis on accompanying accessories. You want to wear a vertical striped one-piece swimsuit that will be paired with white leather sandals. Wear a sun hat and large frame sunglasses as your accessories.

Stripped Swimsuit H&M

Striped Button-Down Shirt

There are so many ways to wear a striped button down shirt in the summer, that we will just mention a few. One of the best ways is to simple pair a light colour striped button down shirt with denim jeans and leather sandals. Another way how women can easily wear a striped button down shirt is to wear white skinny high ankle jeans and wear strappy sandals as footwear. With both outfits it is important to keep your accessories small while your handbag can be medium size.

Striped Shirt H&M

Striped Jumpsuit

If you think that you can only wear a jumpsuit on a summer weekend you are mistaken. One of the best places to wear a jump suit in the summer will be to an informal day time party and also out for a restaurant lunch. Stick with wearing a light colour jumpsuit on really sunny days and wear brown leather sandals. For accessories, it is not necessary to carry much except a pair of medium frame sunglasses and a small handbag.

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Striped Dress

If you intend to wear a striped dress in the summer it is best that the stripes are vertical instead of horizontal. This is mainly because you want to have a tall look which will look great with any type of sandals and also because it just look much better than wearing horizontal lines across your clothes. If the temperature get cooler in the evening, you can easily wear a denim coat on top of this dress.

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