The Best Ways That Men Can Wear A Collared Shirt In A Casual Spring Outfit

There are numerous ways how many men will dress in the spring months, from extremely casual to a more polished outfit featuring a collared shirt. In this article we will be discussing the latter, with a list of various types of collared shirts that can be utilized and incorporated into a casual spring outfit. That’s right, casual outfit. The reason why we wanted to create this article was because there is not that much info about wearing a collared shirt in a spring casual outfit.

We will also share some tips to remember when deciding to wear a collared shirt and the best colours to choose. Ok, let’s take a look.

Linen Shirt H&M

White Oxford Shirt

By far, the best shirt with a collar that you can wear in the spring season will be a white regular fit Oxford shirt. There are so many ways how you can style this shirt, with a popular option being to pair with denim or black jeans. Whatever bottoms you choose, be sure to use some creativity when deciding what type of shoes to wear, which should emphasize style.

Oxford Shirt H&M

Navy Blue Dress Shirt

What exactly does the colour navy blue go well with? The answer will be beige and white. Ok, so since we know this, it is safe to assume that beige chinos can be the preferred pants to wear with a navy blue dress shirt. Because this will be a casual outfit, you can compliment this outfit with a pair of all white running shoes.

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Sky Blue Dress Shirt

One of the coolest colours to wear in a spring outfit will be sky or light blue. This is a subtle colour that will pair well with black pants such as jeans and chinos. Because of that, if you intend to tuck your sky blue dress shirt into your pants, wear a stylish pair of black leather shoes such as loafers.

Poplin Dress Shirt H&M

Beige Linen Shirt

Because linen is very light and breathable this material tis great to wear when the weather is hot, so late spring is going to be the best time. Wear your beige linen collared shirt with a simple pair of denim jeans or with a patterned dress pants. White canvass shoes should definitely be worn as your choice footwear.

Linen Shirt H&M

Black Oxford Shirt

Wear a black Oxford shirt with a light colour pants such as white jeans, acid wash denim jeans, or beige chinos. Make sure that your pants are a slim fit as this will be the most stylish look and will go well with leather shoes. 

Oxford Shirt H&M

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