The Best Ways That Women Can Layer Their Fall Outfits For A Cool And Stylish Look

Fall is one of the best seasons to bring out the layering.You can do a simple layering such as a cardigan over a plain t-shirt or something more intricate such as layering a jacket over a mini dress that is layered over a crew neck sweater. As you can see, layering is both part art and part fashion sense.

Let’s take a look at some ways how you can expertly layer your fall outfits.

With A Denim Jacket

Wearing a denim jacket in the fall is perfect for casual occasions as well as for stylish evening wear. When it comes to denim jackets you can either dress up or keep it extremely casual, it’s all up to you. Wear a hoodie under your denim jacket for a cool casual outfit.

Ballenciaga Denim Jacket Net-A-Porter

For a more stylish look, layer your denim jacket over a button down cotton cardigan which is layered over a cashmere sweater. Wear black leather ankle boots as footwear.

Ribber Cashmere Sweater Net-A-Porter


Yes, you can really layer a knit sweater but this need to be done carefully. Opt for different textures to keep your look from looking weird. You can wear a light cardigan over a crew neck sweater, even if the colours are somewhat similar. Just make sure that the textures of these two garments are not the same.

Ribber Knit Sweater Net-A-Porter

Button Down Shirt

Whether you are wearing this shirt to the office or on an evening out, you should consider layering this garment. For the office Layer a button down shirt with either a blazer or a light cardigan. And for casual situations, a stylish v-neck sweater should be worn over this garment for a stylish look.

Cotton Button Down Shirt Net-A-Porter

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