The Best Ways How Men & Women Can Wear A Tie Dye T-Shirt In The Spring

It’s back. Yes, tie dye fashion has been brought back into the spot light from decades of obscurity. Thanks to the many runway shows prominently featuring tie dye clothing, many people are starting to think of ways of how they can pull off this style this spring and summer.

Although this process of dyeing clothes is more than 1000 years old, many people associate the beginning of tie dye in the 1960. This was around the time the hippie culture and psychedelics was at its popularity. Fast forward to almost 60 years and tie dye is back. Tie dyed t-shirts are leading the way in this reemergence of style, so this guide is only for tie dyed t-shirts.

First of all not all tie dye patterns are the same. Some go well with dark colours and other patterns a great with lighter colours incorporated in it. This guide will only focus on the most popular type of tie dye which is called spiral. The crumple technique is used for this outcome.

Men & Women

A tie dyed t-shirt should only be worn in casual settings. For a classic summer outfit focus on wearing light a light coloured tie dyed t-shirt. This shirt can feature reds, oranges, and yellows. A great look would be to wear distressed jeans paired with your favourite running shoes. Faded denim shorts are suitable as well.

Darker coloured tie dyed t-shirts are a bit more tricky to pull off. Because of the cheerful nature of tie dye, many people tend to not know how to wear something like a black and grey coloured shirt. At coatFibers we do not recommend wearing any type of dark coloured tie dye, as this type of t-shirt cannot be used to look anything else than casual. Stick with lighter colours for the best outfit possible.

Best Type Of Pants To Wear

When it come to choosing what type of pants to wear with a tie-dye shirt, your choices are limited. Denim jeans will always be a good choice to wear with tie-dye, but also you can easily wear a pair of grey joggers. This information is the same for men’s and women’s fashion. Remember that your denim jeans should be relaxed fit, as to keep with the cool nature of wearing a tie-dye shirt.


  • Do not bleach your tie dyed shirts
  • Dark coloured tie dyed t-shirts should be avoided
  • Only wear tie dyed t-shirts in casual settings

Please comment and let us know how you wear your tie dyed t-shirts.


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