The Best Winter Tops That Women Can Wear With A Gold Necklace To Create A Stylish Outfit

Who doesn’t love gold? Wearing a necklace is especially the best accessory that a woman can wear as part of a well put together outfit.  Sometimes you do not need to wear any other jewellery other than a gold necklace, due to the fact that nothing else can make your top stand out more.

In this article we will discuss some outfit ideas that feature a gold necklace as the only accessory needed. We will specifically be talking about the best type of sweater to wear with a gold necklace. Let’s take a look.

Valentino Gold Tone Necklace Net-A-Porter

Black Turtleneck

As part of a stylish office of casual outfit, opt to wear a black turtleneck sweater tucked into either denim jeans or a dark colour wool pants. For the office style, wear a gold necklace that is thin and features a pendent. Footwear should be black ankle boots.

Black Turtleneck H&M

For the casual outfit, opt to wear a medium size necklace, which will go great with the denim jeans. Keep your footwear stylish with either black combat boots or black running shoes.

White Blouse

Wear a white blouse as part of an office outfit or for an evening night out. You can air your blouse with a dark grey skirt or black wool pants. You outerwear should be a long beige wool coat, which will go well with suede pumps.

White Blouse H&M

Black Cotton Crew Neck Sweater

A very comfortable sweater is the cotton crew neck, which should be worn as part of a casual winter outfit. Keep your cotton crew neck sweater black, which will go great with a medium size plain gold necklace. Black skinny jeans will pair well with grey or black leather rankle boots.

Black Cotton Crew Neck Sweatshirt H&M

Patterned Blazer

A great business casual look can be achieved by pairing a patterned blazer with a black sweater underneath. You want to wear light wash denim jeans paired with black suede pumps. Wear a gold necklace that is long enough to reach your chest, as this will be the best length to wear with a blazer.

Patterned Blazer H&M

Grey Cardigan

With this outfit it is best to keep your grey cardigan buttoned up throughout the day, which will be the best look to wear with your small length gold necklace. You want to wear black wool pants paired with pumps. Wear this outfit to the office or for a weekday evening out.

Grey Cardigan H&M

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