How Men Can Wear A Blazer Paired With Jeans With Style In The Spring Months

This has been a versatile go-to look for many men for the last couple of decades. The youthfulness of jeans combined with the professional look of the blazer can be utilized in many situations. For one, the colour and fit of the blazer is as important as the fit of your jeans. Too loose or too tight can stain your modern outfit. Also, wearing jeans paired with a great fitting blazer shows confidence and professionalism in your personality.

In this article we will discuss some of the best ways how men can wear the jeans and blazer look in the spring months and look stylish. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding to pair these two pieces together. Ok, let’s look at some examples of the blazer and jeans combinations to wear for a perfect look.

Slim Fit Linen Blazer H&M

The Casual Look

You can actually wear the blazer and jeans look casually, but attention needs to be focused on your shoes and under shirt. Generally a lighter colour slim fit blazer, combined with say an acid wash jean is considered casual wear. Some good blazer colours to wear will be black, navy blue, light grey, and cream. You can compliment this look by wearing an all white running shoes and a white t-shirt under.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M

Sophisticated Style

A darker blazer combined with a slim fit denim jeans is the best way to achieve this look. Keep in mind that a navy blue blazer is your best choice, which will portray confidence and style. Generally denim jeans is a great choice for this look so opt for a slim fit which is a dark wash. You can wear a dark coloured loafer shoes or short leather boots for a stylish look.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M

Sport Coats & Suit Jackets

For a more of a smart casual look opt for a sports coat. The texture will be a bit different than a blazer, meaning that you can experiment a bit with your jeans. Skinny fit jeans can work well, but would need tone paired with either desert boots or loafers.

Checkered Blazer H&M

For a more formal look opt for a suit jacket. These jackets are made to correspond with a matching dress pants. If the right colour suit jacket is worn, you will achieve a fashion forward smart casual look.


  • Wear a navy blue or black blazer for a more formal look
  • Keep you shirt underneath your blazer plain
  • Footwear should be a dark colour when wearing a more sophisticated blazer and jeans outfit
Skinny Fit Linen Blazer H&M

Please let us know how you wear your blazer and jeans.


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