The Case For Why Men Should Really Wear Only Black Cotton Socks In The Fall And Winter Months And How This Impacts Footwear Choice

There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear that pair of shoes that you have been wearing all spring and summer, and now into the fall. No, there isn’t as long as those shoes are not a pair of all white running shoes, open toe sandals, or flip flops. There are many reasons as to why it is not advisable to wear these types of footwear in the cooler months of the year which we will explain more about in this article.

Regarding fashion and outfit selection pertaining to your socks colour and ultimately your footwear selection, we will share some great outfit ideas that will be suitable for the fall. Also, we will share some tips on how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to socks and footwear selection. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Boots And Socks

While we can easily say that various types of boots will be in fashion in the fall and winter months, we can also say that your socks need to be on point as well. Who wants to wear a pair of black leather boots, only to have a peak of a pair of white socks peaking out from inside your footwear? Nobody, as this will definitely ruin any well put together outfit.

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Instead, opt to wear socks that will not show much contrast between your footwear and the rest of your outfit. In this example, we would choose to wear either black, navy blue, or dark brown cotton socks.

Loafers And Socks

Ok, so when it comes to loafers there is much misconception on whether socks should be worn or not. This has lead many men to conclude that they really do not need to have on a pair of socks in their loafers in the warm months of the year. And then these same men will just ditch the stylish loafers throughout the cooler half of the year.

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Instead of just leaving your loafers in the closet for more than half of the year, wear them and embrace it. In order to ear loafers properly in the fall and winter months, you need to wear socks and they should be 100% cotton and preferably a dark colour. Denim jeans and chinos will work well with leather loafers and so will dress pants.

Running Shoes And Socks

Sneakers or running shoes, whatever you want to call these casual sporty footwear, one thing is for sure and that is that running shoes has never been so popular as it is today. Embracing running shoes in the fall and winter months is quite easy and should be worn at least twice per week, even for the people who don’t like wearing them.

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Your casual outfit will get a modern boost while wearing running shoes and also your feet will thank you for taking a breather. The best type of socks to wear with a pair of dark colour running shoes is going to be a pair of al black cotton sports socks.

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