How Men And Woman Can Use Simplicity When Deciding What To Wear For A Casual Spring Friday Work Outfit

It’s your favourite day of the week, Friday. There is no other work day, other than a half day, that you cherish more than this day to show your colleagues a bit of your casual style. Frantically the morning before you head out to work you piece together the perfect outfit, making sure that they really get a sense of your personal taste in fashion.

Once you arrive to work, your colleagues look at you with astonishment. Why is that? Maybe those new bright yellow Nike running shoes you have on or maybe it’s that extra tight Lululemon leggings that you are wearing. The biggest mistake you actually made forgetting that you are still at work. 

Your dress down Friday style need to compromise elements of professional and casual all in one outfit. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this.


Forget about wearing any type of athletic material. Yes that means no windbreakers, shorts, track pants, or running shoes. You need to maintain your professional personality on this semi-casual dress day. In order to achieve this you need to opt for a denim jeans or chinos as a base and build from there.

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One option can be to wear a simple polo shirt paired with loafers. This is a really conservative style which will lead to few compliments. Or you can be a bit more charismatic and opt for a graphic t-shirt under a button down flannel shirt. Just make sure that the graphic image is appropriate for the workplace.

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This is not a day for an outfit that will take hours to put together. Instead women should try to prioritize what their main focus will be. It could be their pants, or maybe a top, also accessories can really be showcased on this casual dress day. The option is really up to someones individual style. One thing for sure is that this is no time for leggings, hoodies, or crop tops.

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A smart, casual look would compromise denim jeans or a simple dress. The denim jeans can be their paired with a cotton button down shirt or a solid colour blouse. Alternatively the dress can be propped up by accessories such as earrings and a necklace. Also footwear can be stylish sandals or a sleek leather ankle boot.

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Remember that casual dress day at work is not a time to be 100% casual in your style. There always needs to be elements of professional attire, as to not ruin your professional appearance infant of your colleagues. Pease leave a comment and let us know what you wear on dress down Fridays.


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