The Chore Coat/Utility Jacket: Every Man Needs One For Spring

What exactly is the chore coat? This coat is mainly made out of canvass or twill, which means that durability is expected with this jacket. Originally created in France for many types of manual labourers, the chore coat has recently gained importance in men’s fashion as a stylish and rugged spring jacket.

The relaxed fit with traditionally oversized pockets have been popular with many millennials. Which is the complete opposite of their parents, who would never think of wearing a traditional labourers attire outside. But that is the beauty of fashion, creativity always wins.

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There are many ways to style one’s outfit to suite the chore coat. Jeans or chinos are usually the go to pants when wearing this type of coat. Anything else would look completely off. Let’s take a look at some other styles a to wear with a chore jacket.



You can wear a light or dark colour pair of chinos to achieve a casual style while wearing a chore coat. A popular style is to wear a dark blue chore coat paired with a lighter chinos but you can also wear a light colour chore coat easily that will still look stylish. For footwear, finish off this outfit by wearing a pair of brown loafers or all black running shoes.

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Denim Jeans

If you really want to look your best while wearing a chore coat in the spring season, denim jeans will be your best choice for pants. Simply put, wearing a slim or skinny fitting pair of denim jeans paired with a navy blue chore coat is one of the coolest looks you can create. Wear dark colour footwear with this outfit.

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Smart Casual


To up your spring chore coat inspired outfit, opt to wear trousers instead of denim jeans. This outfit can be styled with an emphasis on footwear, so be sure to wear pants that are either light grey or black. Your shirt underneath your chore coat should be a button down, preferably a light colour.

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Black Jeans

Wearing black jeans is always going to be a good choice if you want to create a smart casual outfit. One thing to keep in mind is that choosing a slim fitting pair of black jeans will be best for this look. Wear a light colour button down shirt underneath your chore coat for a sophisticated look. Footwear should be black derby shoes.

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  • Black Footwear will go best with a chore coat
  • Navy blue is a popular colour for this coat
  • Don’t wear your chore coat as part of a formal outfit
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The chore coat may be an old garment, but many have rediscovered the beauty of a simple work coat and turned it into one of men’s hottest pieces for the spring. Please let us know how you style your outfit with your chore coat.


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