The Comeback Of 1960s Fashion: A Spring Guide For Women And Men

There really is something to be said when you walk down the street and see people wearing facets of 1960s fashion. This is just one example of the lasting impact that the rebellious and forward thinking decade had. Of corse the most famous hippie clothing is still around today but so are other pieces from 1960s fashion.

In this article we will explore which garments were in the decade of the 1960s and if any garments are as popular today as they were then. Let’s take a look.


The Mini Skirt

The mini skirt was actually created in the 1960s if you can believe it. It was a time of being free spirited and breaking away from the conservative and traditional lifestyle of 1050s and decades before. Women were more bold in their choice of garments to wear. This also correlated to various women’s rights that were enacted into law in many countries. Today, mini skirts are still as popular as ever. With women wearing them paired with sandals or knee high boots, just as they were worn back then.

Short Skirt With A Belt H&M

Hippie Fashion

The hippie fashion scene derived from the hippie sub-culture. This was about being free spirited, embracing different people, and loving each other. The fashion was that of bell bottom jeans, peasant blouses, floral prints, and other bohemian designs. The earthy tones in this style resonated with many people back then as there was a strong connection to the environment. The same can be said today as it was back in the 1960s.

Wide Ankle Jeans H&M

Mod Fashion

Referred to as “the London look,” this was a popular look for women when they would go out shopping of a gathering. This fashion style consisted of bold colours such as turquoise or sky blue, which was right in line with the rebellious culture of the 1960s. Today instead of the youth embracing this look, many older women are adding this to their chic look created by top fashion designers.

Puff Sleeve Sweater H&M


Mod Fashion

For men, the Mod style was quite similar to women’s. With the main exception being that of colours. Men’s Mod fashion consisted on mainly dark colours from shirt to pants, combined together created the Mod look. This look was inspired by the many celebrities in London at the time, who wore “plain outfits” whenever they had interactions with the media. The look has been quite steady but it is to as popular today as it was back in the 1960s.

Patterned Suit Pants H&M

Nehru Shirt

The mandarin collared shirt named Nehru is from India. Made of kadhi, a type of textile which is light and suitable for the Indian climate, was popular amongst men. These shirts were a representation of the opening up to other cultures and sharing a connection to the common man from the other side of the world. This style of shirt is still widely popular in North America and Europe as it always has been in India.

Regular Fit Collarless Shirt H&M

The Polo Shirt

Yes the shirt that has been consistently been worn by men ever since its creation in the 1960s. The polo. This shirt revolutionized mens casual wear, especially in the summer months. Particularly popular with many business professionals, this was seen as a suitable garment to keep that look of being professional when one was out having a leisure activity. Still to this day, the polo shirt is own by many men from young to old.

Cotton Polo Shirt H&M

Fashion in the 1960s helped to revolutionize the fashion industry as a whole. With its bold prints and new designs, fashion from the 1960s inspired many designers decades after to push the limits and create something fresh and innovative. Keeping with the forward thinking spirit of the 1960s.

Please leave a comment if the fashion of the 1960s has had an impact on your choice of wear.


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