The Copenhagen Fall Style Guide For Woman And Men

Denmark has always had a special spot in the fashion world in regard to their ultra cool and modern look. The local fashion scene inCopenhagen is somewhat similar to those of other popular smaller size fashion hubs such as Leipzig and Stockholm, but has it own unique way of doing things. Local designers tend to collaborate on a frequent basis, sharing ideas and inspiring each other to push the envelope to create the best designs possible.

This is clearly visible in the high quality and detailed pieces that have come out of this region for the past couple of years. The big names in the fashion industry have taken notice which lead to a wider eye on this small fashion scene. Let’s take a look at some fall outfits that are Danish inspired, which will leave you looking stylish no matter what the occasion.


Scandinavia is the centre of minimalist fashion so this is no surprise that a women’s fall outfit will feature lots of neutral colours with minimal accessories. Let’s take a look!


Consider wearing a trench coat and the go from there to creating the rest of your outfit. Black denim jeans are popular to wear for Danish women in the fall moths especially with a neutral colour sweater. A beige cashmere crew neck sweater can be worn with the black jeans for a stylish casual look. Black leather ankle boots will tie in your look expertly and a medium size handbag is all that is needed to complete the look.

Levi’s Black Skinny Jeans
Ankle Boots Net-A-Porter


Cream colour and black colour dresses are the most popular type to wear in this region. This is keeping with the minimalist type of wear that is the definition of style especially in Denmark. Wear your cream colour dress with stylish black pumps. A small necklace and earrings is all you need as accessories. A clutch handbag is the perfect fit to carry any small items.

Black Clutch Handbag
Prada Suede Pumps



Almost any type of minimalist jacket can be suitable for the fall weather in Copenhagen. To mirror the local fashion culture, consider waring a black coaches jacket on to of your solid colour crew neck sweater. Wearing a pair of regular denim jeans is the standard when it comes to Copenhagen streetwear. Complete your outfit with a pair of solid white running shoes.

Van’s Coaches Jacket
Levi’s Slim Fit Jeans


When it comes to men’s formal wear in Copenhagen, the long standing minimalist trend stays true to its form. An outfit consisting of black dress pants with a white dress shirt can be seen as the norm at various formal functions. Complete your outfit with a black blazer and black dress shoes. Wearing a colourful outfit at a formal gathering is frowned upon especially amongst men. Keep it simple when it comes to your formal look.

Dress Shirt Topman
Dress Shoes Topman

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