The Correct Ways How Men Can Wear A Printed Shirt With Chinos For A Low Key Late Summer Stylish Fit

There is nothing wrong with men wearing a printed shirt in an outfit that is more than casual. Also, the same can be said with wearing a printed shirt with super casual pants such as joggers. But, let’s be real, there cannot be any type of pants that go better with a printed shirt than chinos. It really doesn’t matter what colour your chinos are, because these pants are just that stylish.

In this article we will be discussing the correct ways how men can wear a printed shirt with chinos for a cool late summer outfit. Also, we will share some tips that will help you avoid some common mistakes when it comes to wearing a printed shirt. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Type Of Printed Shirt

There are various types of printed shirts that men can choose from which are both stylish and modern. For a late summer look, we would rather like to stick with a dark print comes in a short sleeve version. The reason for this is that because the summer season is about to finish, the weather will be considerably cooler in the morning and the days will be shorter. We want to be able to layer a button down garment over our printed shirt, such as a cardigan, the stay warm in the morning.

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Let’s be real. When it comes to wearing chinos, the best style will have to be slim fit. Some reasons for this conclusion is that wearing a slim fitting chinos will give you the ability to either dress up or down fashionably and also, slim fit chinos go well with most types of footwear. Stick with either beige, navy blue, or dark green chinos for your late summer printed shirt outfit.

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Because we want to have the ability to keep this outfit versatile, there needs to be careful consideration when it comes to choosing the correct footwear. Let’s first eliminate the type of colours that we do not want to wear. White and any type of bright neon colour footwear is a no. This does not mean that running shoes are out of the equation, because a pair of all black running shoes might just be your preferred choice.

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To play it safe, you should stick with either dark brown loafers, desert boots, or a pair of fashionable light casual boots.


  • There is nothing wrong with wearing a flower print shirt
  • Wear a light cardigan over your printed shirt instead of a jacket
  • White running shoes should be avoided
  • Keep your accessories minimal with just a wrist watch and maybe a hat
  • Tuck your printed shirt in for a more formal look
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