The Dungaree/Overalls. A Spring Outfit Guide For Women and Men

What exactly are dungarees or what some people would call overalls? To be clear these two words have been interchanged throughout the years, but are characterized as the same garment. The name comes from an area in India called Dongri which was known as making the cotton twill fabric used to make this garment.

Popularized in the early 1990s, the dungaree had fell off the fashion trends by the end of the decade. Now, the dungaree is seeing a reemergence in popularity amongst young adults. Let’s take a look at how one can create a fashionable look wearing the dungaree/overalls.


Overall Shorts

The shorts dungarees are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Not only can you look stylish in these but the practicality is a big plus. The overalls usually come with a waist pocket in addition to to normal side pockets. This means that you don’t need to carry around a bag for small items such as sunglasses or keys.

Overall Denim Shorts H&M

Black Overalls

There are some great outfits that can be created with black overalls in the spring. To be certain that your outfit turns out good, make sure to follow some crucial tips. First of all, keep your footwear a light colour, so white running shoes should be your best pick. Also, don’t shy away from wearing a graphic t-shirt underneath. Even the overalls will be covering most of the design, you should still wear it.

Cropped Overalls H&M

Denim Overalls

You can pair indigo denim dungarees with a light coloured t-shirt underneath. Running shoes are a perfect match for this style. Pants overalls are usually paired with something warmer such as a crew neck sweater or turtle neck. With tis style you can opt to wear leather ankle boots.

Denim Overalls H&M

Overall Dress

You can wear a simple overall dress on a spring weekend day comfortable with the addition of running shoes and a hat. Make sure that your overall dress is a regular fit and can be worn with running shoes.

Overall Dress H&M


Usually the only men that are seen wearing any type of dungarees/overalls are factory labourers. But not anymore, this traditional workwear is no steadily making a name for itself in the hipster fashion scene. Often these dark coloured dungarees are in the pants style and are work with combat boots. The “workman” look is complimented with accessories such as a scarf and a baseball cap.

Denim Overalls Carhartt

Many men who choose to wear overalls say that they like the feasibility of just clipping on the two straps and also the numerous pockets that can come in handy. Many young men choose to wear the dungarees paired with basketball shoes for a more streetwear look.

Denim Overall Shorts H&M

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