The Early Spring Look For Women When The Weather Is Unpredictable

Early spring you say? Confusion is ultimately the word the describe this time period. Particularly in the north eastern U.S.A and many regions in Canada. Should you continue to wear that parka meant for below freezing temperatures or wear you hair contorting winter hat that you can’t wait to ditch for a minimum of eight months?

Those questions are valid and will be addressed in this article. We at coatFibers like to call this one of the most versatile times of the year. You can say the best of the former and upcoming season’s stylish looks. Let’s go.

Short Hooded Jacket H&M


It’s a given if you think that you should still wear a heaver jacket meant for winter. Made for warmth and weather proof this would seem like a great choice, but we recommend the wear a jacket less bulky but still versatile. A bomber jacket can maintain your warmth while not overheating you in those milder days. On the rainy day depending on if the weather will reach 15℃, you can opt for a rain coat with layers underneath.

Light Bomber Jacket H&M


Ok, it’s still not appropriate to wear a t-shirt under any coat or jacket that you choose in this time period. It would be really silly to show up somewhere when you have to take off your coat or jacket and a t-shirt or tank-top is revealed. Only you can blame yourself the the never ending wind draft coming from the quickly decreasing evening temperature. Instead you can wear a light sweater if you are going to wear a warm jacket or a thicker long sleeve shirt for the that want to reconnect with their thinner jackets of coats.

Fine Knit Sweater H&M


Leggings can be ok if it is not too cold, but jeans are still the go to. We would recommend waterproof pants, but come on we are not a little kid anymore. Although there is a growing trend for 2019 of wetsuit material being utilized in high fashion. But that’s for another article. Stick to jeans, you can’t go wrong.

Women in spring style clothes


Don’t worry we will not be telling you to ditch all boots, just those warm heavy ones. Do you really want to be walking around in 15℃ weather with your feet sweating profusely? Knowing that you had planned to visit your friend’s for dinner at their house? Keep it light, rain boots or a thinly lined pair of boots should be ok. We do not recommend any type of runners, unless you don’t care about left over road salt fading the colour to an eventual crust.

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These tips are just that, tips. Feel free to mention how you prepare for that time of the year when it’s not cold or warm. Comments are appreciated below.


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