The Essential Men’s University Wardrobe To Keep You Looking Stylish The Entire School Year

You just spent thousands of dollars to attend university. The last thing on your mind should be spending even more money on clothes to create a persona that is not yourself. Forget about dressing to impress and instead dress to be comfortable in those long lectures and around campus.

Keep it simple with lots of plain shirts and denim pants. No one wants that uncomfortable feeling of being overdressed in a casual setting. Let us see what are must haves for any man who is attending a post secondary institution. 

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With the exception of the winter months, boots should not be worn year round. Inside many classrooms, the temperature can steadily rise depending on the number of students attending. Spring and autumn are great times to wear a fashionable running shoes. Mind you that you should never wear any type of open feet shoes such as sandals. No one wants to smell feet in the lecture!

Nike Air Force 1


As we mentioned earlier, denim jeans are a great choice. What makes them so good is their versatility and the ability to dress up or dress down in them. Another option would be track pants. But be careful not to wear them everyday, or else people would start to not take you seriously when it’s your turn to present in front of the class. 

Slim Denim Jeans H&M


Plain tops are the best choice for any post secondary student. They are very casual and can be stylish when paired with the appropriate pants. For the spring and summer months, it is recommended to opt for plain t-shirts and light long sleeve shirts.

Oxford Shirt H&M

The winter months are strictly reserved for hoodies and jumpers. Don’t forget to pick up some school branded apparel to represent where you go. By the way, purchasing the school branded hoodies are one of the best choices you can make. 

Fine Knit Turtleneck Sweater H&M

Enjoy your university/college studies and play it casual with simple looks to stay yourself and be comfortable.

Please leave a comment if you currently attend a post secondary institution and describe your wardrobe. 


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