How Men Can Pair Suit Pants With The Correct Footwear For The Spring Season

Weather you are wearing a suit and tie or just dress pants with a basic cotton long sleeve shirt, there is always the right or wrong piece of footwear to have on. You have probably seen one of your co-workers come into work waring a tailored suit pants, only to look at their footwear and to your shock they are wearing desert boots! 

We will discuss some great outfit ideas that man can use and also we will share some helpful tips. Let this article guide you in the numerous choice of footwear that is possible with the look you want. Ok, let’s take a look.

Suit Pants H&M

Dress Pants & Dress Shirt

This one should be quite similar to many. The classic outfit of many professional men. There is only one type of footwear that should be worn with this style. Dress she’s! You do not want to take attention away from your professional attire, by showing up to the office in boots or even worse running shoes. The dress shows says stylish and professional at the same time.

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Dress Pants With A Polo Shirt

With this loo you can actually get away with a more relaxed footwear. For example you can opt to wear suede loafers. The smooth look of the loafers are a great compliment to the dress pants. Also because you are wearing a polo shirt, you can still keep that preppy/country club look.

Polo Shirt H&
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Dress Pants With A T-Shirt

This should not come as a surprise to many as the runways for the last couple of years have exploded with this type of style. Many men have also responded quite positively to the non-traditional look of the dress pants paired with a t-shirt. Running shoes are definitely the best option for this look. Just be careful to not wear a white running shoes with a black dress pants. The is not the time to be monochromatic with the footwear and pants combination.

Cotton T-Shirt H&M
Nike Air Force 1

Dress Pants With A Light Jacket

Boots are obviously the choice when it comes to this style. Bulky types of boots should be avoided due to the dress pants not being rigid enough to go with those types. Instead opt for a sleek leather boot, preferably a dark brown or black. This is also great for the cooler temperatures, which you feet will thank you for.

Linen Blend Jacket H&M
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Sandals and dress pants are definitely a no no! Even in the most casual situations, one should not even attempt this look. Please leave a comment to let us know how you pair your dress pants with footwear.


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